MSU's Wikipedia Campus Ambassador Program   Wikipedia Ambassador Program is part of Wikimedia Foundation's Education Program and made up of volunteers who support: professors and university classrooms incorporating Wikipedia's use as teaching tool worldwide. Montana State University is a participant in the United States Wikipedia Education Program.

MSU Campus Ambassadors also support faculty Wikipedia Teaching Fellows, students and staff who want to become contributing Wikipedians, or those who in some way want to incorporate contributing to Wikipedia as part of a formal educational outreach learning experience.

Spring 2011 semester was the first time MSU-Bozeman participated in the Wikipedia Campus Ambassador Program. MSU's two Wikipedia Campus Ambassadors supported Dr. Kristin Ruppel's NAS-426/530 Federal Indian Law and Policy course. At that time, MSU-Bozeman was 1 of only 22 universities with 31 courses and 8 campus libraries across the United States actively teaching scholarly Wikipedian writing and editing as part of a higher education class rubrics.

All tribal or indigenous-peoples colleges, junior colleges, colleges and universities, public or private, can participate in Wikimedia Foundation Educational Outreach programs. The Wikipedia Teaching Fellows program is designed for tenured faculty who use contributing to Wikipedia as part of their class rubrics. Any college campus can have a Wikipedia Student Club, and all campus students, staff and faculty are invited to become either Wikipedia Campus or Online Ambassadors.

Wikimedia Outreach Programs The Wikimedia Foundation is a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that operates Wikipedia and other free knowledge projects. The Wikipedia Fellows and the GLAM (Galleries, Libraries Archives Museums) are examples of other Wikimedia Foundation Educational Outreach programs. One of Wikimedia's partners in its open-source education initiative is the Creative Commons.