Photo of MSU yearbook

Montanan Yearbooks Collection

The Montanan yearbooks are a snapshot of what life was like on the Montana State University campus between 1906 and 1991.


Photo of an Exponent Newspaper

ASMSU Exponent Digital Collection

Montana State University Student Newspaper.


Photo of a paper being handed back to someone

MSU Electronic Theses and Dissertations (ETD)

Montana State University's theses and dissertations.

Photo of the former chemistry building catching on fire

Montana State University Digital Historical Photos Collection

Historical photos of MSU (known as Montana State College until 1965), 1893 through 1990s.

Group portrait of the class of 1940 members who were part of this newsletter

Class of 1940 Newsletters

Newsletters written for members of the class of 1940, published 1944 to 2002.


Collections About Montana State University

These collections include information regarding the history of Montana State University (and its predecessor identities of Montana State College and the Montana State College of Agriculture and Mechanic Arts) through its evolution and growth. The collections document various teams, clubs, and departments through biographical material, research and administrative records, and photographs. 

0509 James F. Nickerson Education Conference Papers

0530 Mary Meigs Atwater Letter to H. G. Merriam

0551 Bozeman Deaconess Hospital Records

0652 Koch Family Papers

0730 Early Travel In Montana Essay

0987 Norman Strung Papers

1126 Olga Ross Hannon Photographs

1180 William F. Brewer Papers

1253 Harriette Eliza Cushman Papers

2053 Lloyd C. Pickett Papers

2119 John N. DeHaas Papers

2124 William Merriam Cobleigh Papers

2186 Jessie Louise Donaldson-Anne Banks Papers

2313 Roland R. Renne Gubernatorial Campaign Papers

2316 Arthur H. Post Papers

2346 Richard B. Roeder Papers

2349 Roy E. Huffman Papers

2364 Jeff Safford papers

2412 William G. Walter Papers

2433 Max Worthington Papers

2435 Helen MacQuarrie Scrapbook

2437 Robert G. Dunbar papers

2442 Michael P. Malone Papers

2470 Stuart E. Knapp salmon poisoning research collection

2472 Delta Kappa Gamma. Mu Chapter Records

2505 Mildred J. Leigh Papers

2509 Mens Cooperative House Records

2515 Montana State University Rodeo Team records

2561 Omega Beta Photograph Album

2567 Montana State University Theatre Collection

2571 Robert and Genevieve DeWeese Collection on Robert Pirsig

2575 Henry O. Fortin Scrapbook

2581 M.L. Wilson Agricultural Photographs Collection

2582 Millard E. Peterson Scrapbook

2588 R. Rea Esgar Scrapbook

2632 Queer Straight Alliance Records

2640 Bob and Gennie DeWeese papers

2663 Robert Pirsig Books and Memorabilia collection

2673 Oliver and Eunice Lammers Montana State College memorabilia

2683 Student letterpress books

2692 Don McLaughlin preliminary drawings for the MSU Centennial Mall

2702 MSU student organizations flyers and ephemera

2711 Class of 1940 (Montana State College, Bozeman) newsletter

2720 Eric Funk papers

2726 Minnie Ellen Paugh College scrapbook

MSU.00001 Alfred Atkinson Correspondence Files

MSU.00002 Agricultural Economics Department Records

MSU.00003 M. L. Wilson papers

MSU.00007 Records of the Agricultural Engineering Department, Montana State University

MSU.00010 Home Economics Department, Montana State University records

MSU.00021 Montana State University Extension Service Records

MSU.00029 Montana State University Library Records

MSU.03001 MSU--Bozeman Faculty Biographies

MSU.12001 Montana State University Historical Photographs Collection

MSU.12002 Montana State College, Office of the President Annual Reports Received

MSU.71007 Phi Kappa Phi - Montana State College Chapter Records

MSU.71010 Robert G. Dunbar MSU Peace Corps Training Collection

MSU.72042 SPURS National Honor Society records

MSU.73039 Department of Agricultural Economics Research Project Records

MSU.74001 Montana State College, Office of the President Records

MSU.74004 Intercollegiate Knights. Fang Chapter Records

MSU.75040 Harriette Cushman Extension Service Records

MSU.84014 Merrill G. Burlingame research files on MSU History

MSU.85015 Verne Dusenberry Papers

MSU.87032 Montana State University Local Executive Board Minutes

MSU.89021 Palmer David Skaar Papers

MSU.97004 Edmund P. Sedivy, Sr., memorabilia and photographs