Photo of a cabinThe Backside of a Log Cabin at The Old Brazell Ranch, 1954

Digital Collections

Graphic for link to Intermountain Opera digital collection

John Frederick Santilli and Suzanne Day Intermountain Opera Bozeman Collection

Programs from Intermountain Opera Bozeman productions, 1979 to the present, that document the performances and development of the organization. 

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International Snow Science Workshops (ISSW) Proceedings

The ISSW Proceedings Database Project was a joint development effort between the ISSW Steering Committee and Montana State University Library Digital Initiatives.


image for virginia city players digital collection

Virgina City Players Oral Histories

Interviews with individuals who worked with the Virginia City Players, past and present, conducted by Daniel Schindler

Black and white photo of WPA workers in montana

Montana State University (MSU) Archives Federal Work Projects Administration (WPA) Papers and Photos

This digital collection is a subset of the entire Montana State University Archives WPA 1935-1942 Records Collection which has over 57 linear feet of 250,000 individual objects.


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Montana Periodical Index (MPI)

Bibliographic citations for several Montana periodicals published from 1974 through 1995.

Collections About Montana and the American West

These collections capture the history and culture of Montana citizens from the mid-19th century onward. From the accounts of Montana citizens, communities, and businesses, the history of homesteading in region, notable founding families, and the building and growth of today’s Montana are documented. 

0001 Gallatin County, Mont., School District records

0003 Stone Family papers

0012 John Marion Robinson Family Papers

0015 United States. General Land Office Homestead Certificate to William Chiesman

0020 Lesley M. Heathcote Papers

0026 H.H. Mitchell Family Papers

0028 William Gaddis Papers

0031 Castle Hotel Registration Books

0034 Grace Stone Coates Papers

0038 Ferris Family Papers

0050 Almon Spencer Diary

0051 Hazel Christiansen Papers

0055 Eva Gates Manuscript

0075 Malphus A. Switzer Reminiscence

0076 Fannie Louise Davis Ennis Speeches and Essay Transcripts

0085 Alice Marie Kleinschmidt Papers

0090 William L. Perkins Ledger

0098 Margaret D. Walsh Letter

0100 McAllister, Montana Collection

0104 Samuel I. Gaskill Wagon Train Log

0107 Maynard Family Collection

0113 William H. Storrs Diary

0124 Laura Brown Zook Reminiscence

0127 Carl M. Yerrington, How Shall Montana Counties Handle Their Tax Deed Land?

0137 Madison County Centennial Writing Contest Collection

0145 Charles W. Pomeroy Papers

0147 Ralph Lumley Oral History Interview

0148 Dawson County Homestead Questionnaires

0150 Mary J. Buzzell Correspondence and Photographs

0154 Minnie Paugh oral histories

0170 Elizabeth E. Busick O'Neil Reminiscence and Photographs

0172 James M. Hamilton Papers

0178 Rattlesnake Placer Claim File 10386

0195 Leah Gillies Olson Family Papers

0212 P.C. Waite Papers

0213 Montana Winter Fair Motion Picture

0216 Frank T. Kelsey Papers

0217 Johnny Healy Frontier Sketches Scrapbook

0222 Clarence L. Oliver Reminiscences

0225 Sarah Raymond Herndon Papers

0244 Autobiography of James David Wood

0282 Edith R. Furman Photographs and Scrapbook

0283 Samuel T. Hauser Papers

0287 Fisher Family Record

0292 Mary Hunter Doane Collection

0295 Madison County Commissioners Records

0296 Eliel Brothers Records

0298 Montana Institute of the Arts Bozeman History Group Records

0301 Rodger G. Kent, Ike Irish, the Placer Miner

0308 Michael Langohr Diary

0314 Newell G. Philbrick Papers

0317 Big Hole Commercial Company Cash Books

0325 Campbell Family Papers

0326 Benjamin Dailey Diary

0335 Ellen Louisa Gordon Fletcher Papers

0336 Mary Redfield Lindsey Papers

0339 Lou Stocking Stewart papers

0347 M.J. Lott Papers

0354 History of Broadwater County Scrapbooks

0359 Doris Whithorn Research Files

0362 Conrad V. Anderson Papers

0368 Early Settlers of Salesville, Spanish Creek and Cherry Creek Basins

0369 John M. Comfort Collection

0370 Mary M. Schreiner Papers

0375 Theo Norman Diary Transcription

0381 May G. Flanagan Papers

0382 Alfred Myers Diaries

0395 John G. Brown Writing

0396 F.E.W. Patten Diary

0397 Francis L. Niven Papers

0404 Della J. Rowland Reminiscence

0405 Francis E. Beall Papers

0408 Orson N. Newman Papers

0412 Walter and Martha Peoples Manuscript and Research Papers

0416 Cassandra O. Phelps Papers

0423 David J. Bailey Reminiscence

0431 A. V. Howard Narrative

0435 Gloria Mahlum Musical Scores and Audiotape

0436 Wallis Huidekoper Collection

0437 Anaconda Smoke Case Defense Negatives

0441 Morris State Bank Records

0442 Two Dot, Montana Collection

0455 History of Castle

0461 Enoch Hodson Papers

0485 Emma Stoker Photographs

0491 Ray B. Haight Papers

0492 Report of Lieutenant Gustavus C. Doane

0498 To the Pioneers of Montana Autobiography

0515 William H. White Diary

0518 Richard D. Cotter Papers

0522 Robert P. Smith Papers

0524 Missouri to Montana in a Covered Wagon 1898

0533 Gallatin County Veterans Service Records

0540 The Maxey Mines Annotated Research Paper

0541 Elizabeth Berger Swan Papers

0544 Mercy Jackson Collection

0551 Bozeman Deaconess Hospital Records

0552 Samuel D. McIlheny Letters

0560 Gallatin Farmers Alliance No. 4 of Montana Records

0561 Mrs. W.J. Beall Scrapbook

0568 Willliam H. Reed Interview

0570 Golden Valley Historical Society Organization Committee Records

0591 Arner Nelson, "Recollections of Homestead Days"

0630 Frank L. Benepe Records

0631 Engelfried and Esler Records

0632 Willson and Rich Records

0646 Columbus Creamery Company By-Laws

0650 Pondera History Association Files

0651 Willard Harris Oral History

0652 Koch Family Papers

0668 Address to the Jury

0669 Story-Work Sheep Company Records

0680 John M. Bozeman Collection

0708 William W. Alderson Diary

0710 History of the Huntley Project

0724 History of Montana publication files

0730 Early Travel In Montana Essay

0736 Florence Isabel Penwell Papers

0761 Lewistown Public Library O.O. Mueller Collection

0768 Madison County Methodist Churches Scrapbook

0771 Thomas B. Brook Photographs

0776 Brassey Family Papers

0777 Henry N. M. Rayner Papers

0781 Alexander Leggat Collection

0783 William Milnor Roberts Papers

0785 Smith-Mendenhall Family Papers

0791 L. Christine Bliss Seamans Papers

0796 Mark L. Lovell Manuscript

0798 Dorothy Floerchinger Collection

0809 Robert A. Baxter Papers

0811 Margaret Powell Kraenzel Manuscripts

0821 Daughters of the American Revolution. Mount Hyalite Chapter Records0828 Three Forks (Mont.) Lewis and Clark Observances Collection

0847 Montana Oral Histories

0849 History of Nelson Story Audiotape Recordings

0851 Fort Ellis and Gustavus C. Doane Collection

0857 Charles L. Anceney Letters

0859 Livingston Anti-Merger Committee Records

0860 Duncan-Packer Family Papers

0865 Warren R. Evans Photographs

0866 John Jacob Benepe Papers

0869 Lehrkind Coal and Ice Company Records

0875 Montana Horse Breeders Association Records

0878 History of Broadwater County

0881 Advertising Card Scrapbook

0882 Irene Thatcher Scrapbooks

0883 Lemont A. Gates Day Books

0084 Mrs. Lester S. Willson Papers

0891 Alderson Family Collection

0902 Floyd T. Wood Weather Diary

0913 Clifton B. Worthen-James Fergus Collection

0918 J.M. Hamilton Photographs

0925 John S. Mendenhall Papers

0926 Emily Meredith Letter and Photographs

0945 Caroline McGill Collection

0982 National Forest Preservation Group Records

0983 Mary Carey Papers

0992 Bozeman Claim Association Minutes

0996 Ash Family Papers

1000 Marguerita McDonald Research Papers on Bozeman Coal Fields and Gallatin City

1013 Nelson Story III Speech

1016 Gallatin County, Montana Tax Study

1018 Willson Company Collection

1026 Q K Club Records

1028 Montana State Music Teachers Association Minutes

1030 World War II Ephemera Collection

1031 Montana Travel Slide Collection

1033 Helen C. Ewing Papers

1041 Charles C. Moore Recording

1043 Charles Kuhlman Papers

1066 Mollie Francisco Diary

1068 Merrill G. Burlingame Historical Ephemera Collection

1070 Pacific Northwest History Conference Proceedings

1076 Davis Willson Papers

1079 Bozeman Art Association Records

1082 Montana Society of Engineers Records

1088 Virginia W. Thompson Scrapbook

1089 Charles W. Cooley Interviews

1104 George W. Flanders Sr., Papers

1105 Milo Herrick Spaulding Photograph Album

1117 Fort Keogh Collection

1119 Charles W. Baker Diary

1120 Madison County School District 14 Records

1124 Missouri Valley Authority Bibliography

1127 Montana Pioneer Memorial Essay Contest Entries

1131 O.P. Balgord Papers

1137 Jeffers Family Collection

1146 Gallatin County Bicentennial oral histories

1169 Orison Miles Family Papers

1172 The History of a Bridle

1180 William F. Brewer Papers

1184 Samuel O'Connell letter to Franklin Linfield

1195 Adrien L. Hess Montana Science Fair Papers

1201 Grace Kamp Bates Research Papers

1228 The Sweet Pea Carnivals of Bozeman, Montana

1230 J. Neilson Barry Papers

1249 A Pioneer Tale

1250 Walter Cooper and Eugene F. Bunker Papers

1253 Harriette Eliza Cushman Papers

1267 Life of Rudy Christianson

1314 Annemarie Burger Letters

1332 Edna Tracy White Papers

1346 David DeMuth Photographs

1348 Montana Dictations (Gallatin County)

1349 Camp Rimini Oral History Collection

1358 John Moore Waters Papers

1360 Letter to Respected Friends

1365 David B. Christie Family Letters

1368 Louisa Burton Ledger

1377 Charlotte Stowe Autobiography

1392 John J. Powers Papers

1396 Martha Roe Diary

1407 Lester S. Willson Family Papers

1409 Warner Johnson Letters

1411 Sadie Elizabeth Owen Diary

1412 Nelson Story, Sr., Letter

1415 Daniel S. Tuttle Letter to G.H. Deshon

1421 Gertrude White Papers

1428 James Henderson Letters to Dr. Wilfred D. Roy

1429 Margaret Patten Letter to “Alice”

2004 George R. Safley Papers

2031 Lawrence S. Heberle Papers

2051 Minnie Paugh Madison Valley Research Papers

2056 Jesse G. Anderson Papers

2067 Parson's Grove Telephone Company Records

2068 Thomas E. Futrall Records

2073 Harry C. James Papers

2076 Carl Figgins Papers

2083 Gallatin County, Montana, Sheriff's Office Records

2091 Bridger Bowl, Inc. Records

2094 Roy E. Huffman Files

2095 Harry L. and Gretchen Billings Papers

2096 Rocky Mountain Laboratory Records

2098 James S. Spray Collection

2101 Township Plats for Gallatin County

2107 Beryl Stith Papers

2119 John N. DeHaas Papers

2121 Lucius Seymour Storrs Papers

2129 Bozeman Business Collection

2130 Bozeman Post Office Records

2131 Bozeman Weekly Chronicle Records

2134 Hoffman Mercantile Company Records

2135 Frazier House Records

2136 Laclede Hotel Register

2137 Karst’s Kamp Guest Registers

2139 Plats to Accompany Schedules of Allotments on the Crow Indian Reservation

2140 Granite-BiMetallic Consolidated Mining Company Records

2147 Lillian E. H. Culver Papers

2151 Bozeman Fire Department Records

2153 Miles L. Tuttle Reminiscences

2154 Alpha Social Club minutes and Samuel Griffith Diary

2163 Tomlinson Family Log Books

2168 William Woodward Papers

2184 William H. Tracy Papers

2196 MSU student papers Pertaining to Montana History

2209 Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul, and Pacific Railroad Company Records

2210 David B. Lackman papers

2211 Gustavus C. Doane Papers

2245 Merrill G. Burlingame Papers

2251 Fort Ellis Drawings

2264 Oliver R. Howe Papers

2268 Bozeman City Development Plans

2300 M.L. Wilson’s Avocation of Agricultural History

2301 Gallatin Valley Female Seminary Essay

2308 Montana City Directory Collection

2334 Esther Gaskins Price Papers

2336 Montana Works Progress Administration records

2339 Patten Family Papers

2341 Anna Zellick Oral History Collection

2346 Richard B. Roeder Papers

2350 New World Mining District Collection

2354 Robin MacNab Papers

2355 Sacajawea Audubon Society Records

2367 A.W. Miles Family Records

2369 Alexander Leggat Pamphlet Collection

2380 Sweet Pea Carnival Photo Album

2384 Virginia S. Burlingame Papers

2393 Bozeman Area Chamber of Commerce Records

2394 Bozeman Trail Heritage Conference Proceedings

2395 Manhattan Malting Company Records

2396 James A. Johnston Papers

2397 Ellen Louisa Gordon Fletcher Diary

2400 Bozeman Ministerial Conference Records

2401 Sanford Daniel Reed Diary

2402 Hussey, Dahler and Company Records

2406 Lilla Bogert Letters

2412 William G. Walter Papers

2417 Mary Hunter Doane Papers

2419 Fergus Electric Cooperative Oral Histories

2421 Hamilton Presbyterian Church Records

2423 William J. Walsh Diary

2425 Salesville Post Office Records

2428 Raymond A. Mentzer papers

2429 Gallatin County Poor Fund Warrant Register

2432 Lucy Young Ford Letter

2437 Robert G. Dunbar papers

2439 Bozeman Business and Professional Women Records

2440 Charles P. Blakeley Papers

2448 Montana Study Research Collection

2453 Cole Family Photograph Album

2457 Fort Assinniboine Telegrams Received

2462 John B. Wisenall Papers

2463 Virginia Bunker Barnett Papers

2478 Philip Thorpe Property Settlement Papers

2480 William Wallace McCrackin Diary

2488 Hamilton, Ballinger, Davidson, Bunnell, McAfee, and Weesner Family Papers

2489 Mitchell Family papers

2490 Paul Schullery Papers

2493 Thompson Family papers

2499 Discovery Mining Company Records

2508 Lester S. Willson diaries

2518 Twin Bridges Post Office Records

2519 Rochester Post Office Cash Book

2521 Madison County School District 11 Records

2522 John T. P. Fletcher Ledger

2531 Prentiss Family Papers

2545 Rodney Wallace Page Family Papers

2550 Montana Biography Vertical File Collection

2556 Bud Lilly Papers

2561 Omega Beta Photograph Album

2565 Marsha Karle Papers

2566 Peter V. Jackson Papers

2568 Joe H. Rawlins Diaries

2575 Henry O. Fortin Scrapbook

2576 Sylvester Nemes Papers

2577 Henry F. Keyes Photograph Album and Diary

2580 Alfred E. Aiken Papers

2582 Millard E. Peterson Scrapbook

2583 Peter V. Jackson Papers

2590 Kenneth W. Karsmizki Research Papers

2593 Drury L. Weatherhead Diary

2594 Bob Jacklin Papers

2596 Richard H. Clow Family Papers

2599 Eleanor Roberts Baltzell Letter

2600 George Suckley Papers

2603 A.K. Best Collection

2605 Myrtle May Crosby Letters

2616 Paul B. Davidson Watermark Collection

2618 Montana Environmental Health Association Papers

2620 Alice Josephine Shaw Scrapbook

2622 Hayne Family Papers

2628 Mike Clark papers

2629 Uncataloged Map Collection

2630 Dr. Anthony M. McWatt Collection on Robert Pirsig

2631 Goetz, Baldwin and Geddes P.C. Legal Files on Stream Access Law

2635 Rick Reese Collection

2636 Belle McDonald Cookbook

2642 Robert Pirsig Letter to Ted DuPont

2669 Richard Penziner Papers

2694 George W. Roskie papers

2722 Virginia City Players oral histories

2723 Mainwaring Archive Foundation records

Accession 12002 Montana State College, Office of the President Annual Reports Received

Accession 89017 James Reid Letters and Photographs