Photo of Old Faithful Old Faithful (from Henry F. Keyes photograph album, Collection 2577)

Digital Collections

Photo of a national park landscape

National Park Service Webcams Database

The National Park Service Web Camera Database contains more than 100 unique web camera records, each with a link to the real-time web camera image, along with associated variables such as location, image type, and operational status.


Photo of an eagle sitting on a branch

Acoustic Atlas

The Acoustic Atlas is a collection of sounds of animals and natural environments of Montana and the American West.


Item from the Frank Craighead Digital Collection

Frank Craighead Grizzly Materials

This collection contains the collected research ofDr. Frank C. Craighead Jr. (1916-2001), a scientist and naturalist. He is best known for his studies of grizzly and black bears in Yellowstone Park with his twin brother John Craighead, which were done to learn about the animal's habits and movements. This long-term study led the brothers to develop the radio-tracking of wildlife to learn the bear's movements and habits, and how they interacted with and impacted the park. Papers and correspondence detailing this study, as well as photos and publications, make up most of the collection's contents.

Illustration of a bison

Rick and Mary Lee Reese collection on the Yellowstone Institute

The collection contains materials that document the operations and offerings of the Yellowstone Institute (YI) both from the years when Rick and Mary Lee Reesewere co-directors, and from both prior to (pre-1980) and subsequent to (1984-2021) their leadership. 

Image of text from the Folsom papers

David Folsom papers

The David E. Folsom Papers consist of his original manuscript draft of the Yellowstone exploration, completed circa 1869 or 1870; four pages of additional description likely composed after 1894; two typewritten versions of the original manuscript draft; letters from Folsom, Hiram M. Chittenden, and George S. Anderson, 1892-1896; will of Thomas Folsom, 1890; campaign brochure for Folsom's state senate race in 1892; a photograph of Jim Bridger, date unknown.

Photo of the cover of Intermountain Journal of Sciences

Intermountain Journal of Sciences

IJS offers a regional peer-reviewed outlet for scientists, educators and students to submit original research, management applications, or viewpoints concerning the sciences.

Photo of a student filming behind a camera

MSU Science and Natural History Filmmaking MFA Films

Online film archive for MSU Science and Natural History Filmmaking MFA Graduate Program.

Collections About the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem

These collections document the history, recreation, and other aspects of the greater Yellowstone ecosystem from the 19th century onward, including Yellowstone National Park. The diversity of the greater Yellowstone ecosystem has provided a wealth of material for research including information regarding the local wildlife, geologic formations, waterways, and vegetation. 

0064 Our Geyser Trip

0093 Diary of T.B. Moffat on a Trip to the Yellowstone

0107 Maynard Family Collection

0308 Michael Langohr Diary

0343 W.W. Wylie Autobiography

0356 1876 Trip to the Geysers

0381 May G. Flanagan Papers

0400 Gene Quaw Collection

0430 Yellowstone National Park Research Library and Archives Collections

0492 Report of Lieutenant Gustavus C. Doane

0502 A Trip Through Yellowstone Park

0507 Fred E. Server Diary

0685 Gallatin National Forest Ranger Log Books

0851 Fort Ellis and Gustavus C. Doane Collection

0918 J.M. Hamilton Photographs

1011 William J. Foreman Diary

1088 Virginia W. Thompson Scrapbook

1112 Del Jenkins Interview

1263 Samuel P. Eagle Papers

1268 Victor K. Chesnut Papers

1307 William A. Patt Papers

1326 Letters to Mary Wylie

1500 F. Jay Haynes Papers

1501 Haynes Studio and Haynes Picture Shops Records

1502 Y-W Stage Company Records

1503 Lily Snyder Haynes Correspondence

1504 Jack E. Haynes Papers and Haynes Inc. Records

1505 Isabel Haynes papers

1506 Lida Haynes Papers

1507 Haynes Family Photographs

2147 Lillian E. H. Culver Papers

2202 Cooke City Mining District Maps

2211 Gustavus C. Doane Papers

2217 Gerard J. Pesman Papers

2231 Aubrey L. Haines Papers

2250 Yellowstone National Park Clippings

2266 Yellowstone Park Diary

2274 Jackie Loesel Diary

2277 David Pierson Papers

2280 Articles and Papers Relating to Yellowstone National Park

2292 Ole Adolf Anderson Yellowstone National Park Photographs

2324 H.B. Calfee Stereographs of Yellowstone National Park

2342 Don Binkowski Papers

2354 Robin MacNab Papers

2367 A.W. Miles Family Records

2385 Annie Bucklee Letter

2388 Eliza P. Gillette Letter

2389 J. Adrian Parsons Letter

2391 Yellowstone Park Company Records

2392 Emma Rosser Diary

2404 Mary Binoniemi Papers

2444 Mary Jane Russell Photograph Album

2445 .F. Spiesshofer Diary

2459 Bernice K. Koch Scrapbook

2460 Mary Murphy Yellowstone Diary

2461 W.P.R. Yellowstone Park Letter

2477 Aubrey L. Haines Papers

2481 Elise Furer Musser Yellowstone and Alaska Tourist Letters

2484 Joseph F. Taylor Diary

2485 William Wirt Pendergast Diary

2490 Paul Schullery Papers

2492 Yellowstone Travel Diary

2493 Thompson Family papers

2499 Discovery Mining Company Records

2520 Evelyn Webb Carpenter Diary

2535 James Worden Pope Diaries

2564 James Worden Pope Papers

2565 Marsha Karle Papers

2570 David E. Folsom Papers

2572 Wylie Permanent Camping Company Yellowstone Lake Tourist Register

2577 Henry F. Keyes Photograph Album and Diary

2590 Kenneth W. Karsmizki Research Papers

2595 Maurice C. Greenbaum Letters

2628 Mike Clark papers

2634 Charles S. Hoff Diary

2635 Rick Reese Collection

2650 Frank C. Craighead papers

2688 William B. Hall stereographs of Hebgen Lake

2695 Rick and Mary Lee Reese collection on the Yellowstone Institute

2710 Joe Gutkoski papers

2717 George Mueller collection on the Cook-Folsom Expedition

2724 Alma V. Johnson scrapbook on Yellowstone National Park

89021 Palmer David Skaar Papers