Lyle Henderson, Ruth Nobel, Spud Wilson, Amelia Stanley at Visitors Day, 1916 Lyle Henderson, Ruth Nobel, Spud Wilson, Amelia Stanley at Visitors Day, 1916

Digital Collection

Birch Creek with Snow Covered Mountains in the Background, 1954

Thomas Brook Photographs

Online retrieval of historical photos from 1890 through 1960 of Twin Bridges, Montana and the surrounding southwest Montana area.



Collections About People of Montana

These collections contain photographs, correspondence, and other textual material from the late 19th century onward. The material illustrates prominent Montana persons and families, as well as information regarding local historical figures in Bozeman, Montana. 

0010 James Willard Schultz Papers

0095 Marian T. Place Papers

0112 Martin Maginnis Incoming Correspondence Transcriptions

0172 James M. Hamilton Papers

0294 Wesley A. D'Ewart papers

0349 Miles J. Cavanaugh Papers

0360 Wyllys A. Hedges Papers

0362 Conrad V. Anderson Papers

0400 Gene Quaw Collection

0498 To the Pioneers of Montana Autobiography

0515 William H. White Diary

0522 Robert P. Smith Papers

0524 Missouri to Montana in a Covered Wagon 1898

0532 Abbott-Stuart-Matejcek Family Papers

0540 The Maxey Mines Annotated Research Paper

0591 Arner Nelson, "Recollections of Homestead Days"

0643 Cowan Family Papers

0652 Koch Family Papers

0669 Story-Work Sheep Company Records

0751 Hart Family Papers

0849 History of Nelson Story Audiotape Recordings

0851 Fort Ellis and Gustavus C. Doane Collection

0884 Mrs. Lester S. Willson Papers

0893 Reichman Family Papers

0908 Thomas Carter Correspondence Selections and Related Material

0913 Clifton B. Worthen-James Fergus Collection

0945 Caroline McGill Collection

0965 Mildred Walker Manuscript Draft for If a Lion Could Talk

1057 I. D. O'Donnell Papers

1058 Orvin B. Fjare Papers

1059 James Francis O'Connor Papers

1069 Zales N. Ecton Papers

1131 O.P. Balgord Papers

1407 Lester S. Willson Family Papers

1412 Nelson Story, Sr., Letter

1503 Lily Snyder Haynes Correspondence

1507 Haynes Family Photographs

2073 Harry C. James Papers

2094 Roy E. Huffman Files

2095 Harry L. and Gretchen Billings Papers

2100 M.L. Wilson Papers

2117 Applications, Letters, and Petitions for Patronage

2143 Fred F. Willson Papers

2203 Lewis W. Fenske, Sr., Papers

2204 John G. Carter Papers

2206 Burton K. Wheeler Files

2207 Burton K. Wheeler Papers

2211 Gustavus C. Doane Papers

2212 U.S. Senate Committee on Interstate Commerce European Trip of Communications Inspection by Subcommittee on International Communications Scrapbook

2214 Burton K. Wheeler Collection

2226 Burton K. Wheeler Documents from the Franklin D. Roosevelt Library

2269 Dan Fulton Papers

2281 Recollections of Senator Burton K. Wheeler

2282 Eddie Jarrett Collection

2307 James Willard Schultz Letters

2313 Roland R. Renne Gubernatorial Campaign Papers

2317 Ron Marlenee Papers

2323 Walter J. Trohan Papers

2329 Norma Smith Papers

2334 Esther Gaskins Price Papers

2336 Montana Works Progress Administration records

2353 Burton K. Wheeler Documents from the John T. Flynn Papers

2411 Burton K. Wheeler Collection

2424 M. L. Wilson collection on Abraham Lincoln

2443 Nancy Colberg research collection on Wallace Stegner

2508 Lester S. Willson diaries

2513 Allen and Frances Wheeler Sayler Papers

2523 Wilbur F. Sanders papers

2525 Llewellyn Link Callaway Letter to A. S. Daggy

2528 Bud Lilly Papers

2550 Montana Biography vertical file

2566 Peter V. Jackson Papers

2571 Robert and Genevieve DeWeese Collection on Robert Pirsig

2583 Peter V. Jackson Papers

2602 Ivan Doig papers

2617 Andrew Laszlo Film Memorabilia Collection

2642 Robert Pirsig Letter to Ted DuPont

2722 Virginia City Players oral histories

MSU.00003 M. L. Wilson papers

MSU.89017 James Reid Letters and Photographs