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Digital Collections

photo of sheep grazing

Range Science Information System (RSIS)

RSIS is an academic peer reviewed annotated online bibliographic database.


Black and white photo of a farmer

M.L. Wilson Agricultural Photographs Collection

A database of images containing agricultural subjects and projects.


Black and white photo of a farmer

MSU Extension Service Publications

Online retrieval of early to mid-20th Century Montana State University Extension Service's Bulletins.

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August "Gus" Ludwig Hormay Papers

A collection of personal and scientific professional papers of rest-rotation range-management system.


Collections About Agriculture

These collections document regional agricultural activities, highlighting the history and economy of farming, ranching, homesteading, and livestock maintenance in Montana from the early 19th century onward. 

003, Stone Family papers

0012 John Marion Robinson Family Papers

0015 United States. General Land Office Homestead Certificate to William Chiesman

0027 Park Poultry Producers Association Records

0035 Milton Simpson Collection

0054 Homestead Days

0096 Winifred Considine Diaries

0146 Dilworth Cattle Company Records

0154 Minnie Paugh oral histories

0188 Olney Taylor Diary

0213 Montana Winter Fair Motion Picture

0229 John L. "Lou" Wheeler Papers

0246 Joseph T. Brown Papers

0314 Newell G. Philbrick Papers

0331 Brewster Family Papers

0357 Ernest McCollum Diaries

0368 Early Settlers of Salesville, Spanish Creek and Cherry Creek Basins

0375 Theo Norman Diary Transcription

0382 Alfred Myers Diaries

0385 Ed C. Brown Papers

0397 Francis L. Niven Papers

0408 Orson N. Newman Papers

0416 Cassandra O. Phelps Papers

0427 Carolyn Reynolds Riebeth Letter

0428 Margaret J. Maclean Letter

0447 Mathew Damm Diaries

0451 Chester A. Bower Diary

0455 History of Castle

0504 Record of Events While Ranching on Billman Creek

0532 Abbott-Stuart-Matejcek Family Papers

0536 Castle Mountain Cattle and Sheep Company Records

0538 Muir Family Papers

0560 Gallatin Farmers Alliance No. 4 of Montana Records

0568 Willliam H. Reed Interview

0587 Jesse Green Papers

0637 Mary Payne Cowan Diaries

0642 Victor E. George Reminiscence Transcript

0643 Cowan Family Papers

0751 Hart Family Papers

0766 Thomas Brothers Day Book

0791 L. Christine Bliss Seamans Papers

0893 Reichman Family Papers

0914 Victor E. George Diary

0932 Strode Family Papers

1057 I. D. O'Donnell Papers

1059 James Francis O'Connor Papers

1070 Pacific Northwest History Conference Proceedings

1177 Walter Aitken Water Rights Casebook

1368 Louisa Burton Ledger

1409 Warner Johnson Letters

2052 Paugh Family Papers

2056 Jesse G. Anderson Papers

2063 Oakley R. Jackson Papers

2069 Thompson-Wing Ranch Collection

2100 M.L. Wilson Papers

2101 Township Plats for Gallatin County

2107 Beryl Stith Papers

2109 Helen Brooke Herford Papers

2111 Hobart D. Myrick Papers

2137 Karst’s Kamp Guest Registers

2163 Tomlinson Family Log Books

2269 Dan Fulton Papers

2300 M.L. Wilson’s Avocation of Agricultural History

2316 Arthur H. Post Papers

2318 Montana Agricultural Statistics Press Releases

2336 Montana Works Progress Administration records

2395 Manhattan Malting Company Records

2422 Ozro P. Davis Papers

2437 Robert G. Dunbar papers

2447 Montana Beef Performance Association records

2451 August "Gus" Ludwig Hormay Papers

2464 Winnecook Ranch Company Records

2474 Kelly Investment Company Records

2478 Philip Thorpe Property Settlement Papers

2487 Mamie Ader Johnson Letter

2522 John T. P. Fletcher Ledger

2684 Whitlock and Lund Family papers

2707 Springhill (Mont.) Go-Getters 4-H Club scrapbook

MSU 00002 Agricultural Economics Department Records

MSU.00003 M. L. Wilson papers

MSU.00021 Montana State University Extension Service Records

MSU.73039 Department of Agricultural Economics Research Project Records

MSU 75040 Harriette Cushman Extension Service Records