Kutenai Indians: Red Horn (Chief David)Kutenai Indians: Red Horn (Chief David)

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Indian Peoples of the Northern Great Plains

A collaborative online retrieval project between Montana State University campuses (Billings, Bozeman and Havre), the Museum of the Rockies in Bozeman, and Little Big Horn College in Crow Agency, Montana.


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James Willard Schultz Photographs

A database of historical photos from 1859 through 1947 taken by author James Willard Schultz.


Collections About Native Americans

These collections document local and regional Native Americans of Montana and the American West from the mid-19th century onward, including accounts of Blackfeet, Cree, and Crow Indian tribes, among others. They also contain information regarding interactions with white settlers in the region. 

0010 James Willard Schultz Papers

0154 Minnie Paugh oral histories

0282 Edith R. Furman Photographs and Scrapbook

0411 Ethel V. Storm Narrative

0427 Carolyn Reynolds Riebeth Letter

0541 Elizabeth Berger Swan Papers

0559 Charles H. Barstow Scrapbook

0573 John Stands-In-Timber Interview

0595 Starr School Fancy Dancers Photographs

0650 Pondera History Association Files

0781 Alexander Leggat Collection

0825 Joseph Kipp Letter to Colonel Guido Ilges

0918 J.M. Hamilton Photographs

1041 Charles C. Moore Recording Charles Moore recorded two Shoshoni Indian songs that he remembered from his childhood

1126 Olga Ross Hannon Photographs

1184 Samuel O'Connell letter to Franklin Linfield

2029 J.W. "Duke" Wellington Papers

2053 Lloyd C. Pickett Papers

2057 Merrill G. Burlingame Papers

2058 Edward E. Barry Collection

2059 Thomas R. Wessel Indian Claims Commission Research Papers

2073 Harry C. James Papers

2139 Plats to Accompany Schedules of Allotments on the Crow Indian Reservation

2146 Crow Indian Agency Fraud Hearings Collection

2186 Jessie Louise Donaldson-Anne Banks Papers

2204 John G. Carter Papers

2264 Oliver R. Howe Papers

2307 James Willard Schultz Letters

2432 Lucy Young Ford Letter

2457 Fort Assinniboine Telegrams Received

2540 Charles H. Barstow Letter to Rogers L. Barstow

2548 Fort Peck Boarding School Roster

2568 Joe H. Rawlins Diaries

MSU.85015 Verne Dusenberry Papers