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Season's greetings from the 320 gang, Christmas Card from the 320 Ranch

Dr. Caroline M. McGill Personal Papers Collection

Dr. Caroline M. McGill (1879-1959) was an early twentieth century physician in Butte, Montana and a founder of the Museum of the Rockies.



Collections About Women

These collections illustrate the aspects of women’s and gender histories from Montana and the western region from the late 19th century onward. Within these collections are depictions of societal functions, the education of women in Montana, as well as information relating to LGBTQA+ movements in Montana. 

0124 Laura Brown Zook Reminiscence

0359 Doris Whithorn Research Files

0381 May G. Flanagan Papers

0651 Willard Harris Oral History

1088 Virginia W. Thompson Scrapbook

1421 Gertrude White Papers

2301 Gallatin Valley Female Seminary Essay

2565 Marsha Karle Papers

2573 Gertrude Roskie papers

2632 Queer Straight Alliance records

2636 Belle McDonald Cookbook

2640 Bob and Gennie DeWeese papers

2708 Fannie Davis autograph book