Photo of Ivan DoigIvan Doig sitting near Fort Peck Dam in Montana

Digital Collections

Photo of a book written by Ivan Doig

Ivan Doig Archive

Digital collection of Ivan Doig including writer's materials and historical family documents.


Photo of a stack of papers being held by a student

Young Scholars in Writing

Young Scholars in Writing: Undergraduate Research in Writing and Rhetoric is an international peer-reviewed journal.


Page of handwritten document from Heminway's papers

John Heminway Audio and Moving Image Recordings

The Heminway papers document years of research and work done by filmmaker and author John Heminway for his projects, published and unpublished. The digital collection consists of interviews conducted for the Africa Passion film.

Black and White photo of a building

Pacific Northwest Library Association Quarterly

The official journal of the Pacific Northwest Library Association.

Photo of a cliff dwelling that Wallace Stegnar sent to a correspondent in one of his many letters.

Wallace Stegner Correspondence

Business correspondence related to specific publications of Wallace Stegner.


Collections About Regional Writers

Selected volumes and manuscripts illustrating the local region and the American West at large from the late 19th century to the present day, and the lives of the writers that helped shape their stories. 

0010 James Willard Schultz Papers

0051 Hazel Christiansen Papers

0095 Marian T. Place Papers

0137 Madison County Centennial Writing Contest Collection

0530 Mary Meigs Atwater Letter to H. G. Merriam

0987 Norman Strung Papers

2231 Aubrey L. Haines Papers

2329 Norma Smith Papers

2440 Charles P. Blakeley Papers

2443 Nancy Colberg research collection on Wallace Stegner

2477 Aubrey L. Haines Papers

2490 Paul Schullery Papers

2498 Charles E. Brooks papers

2502 Datus C. Proper Papers

2507 George F. Grant papers

2528 Bud Lilly Papers

2576 Sylvester Nemes Papers

2602 Ivan Doig papers

2603 A.K. Best Collection

2628 Mike Clark papers

2660 John Heminway papers

2663 Robert Pirsig Books and Memorabilia collection

2721 Thomas McGuane papers