MSU Library Publications are publications hosted by the library.

These publications come from a variety of faculty and students on and off the Montana State University campus.

  • Young Scholars in Writing

    Young Scholars in Writing: Undergraduate Research in Writing and Rhetoric publishes research and theoretical articles from undergraduates on writing, writers, rhetoric, discourse, language, and related topics.

  • Pacific Northwest Library Association Quarterly

    The official journal of the Pacific Northwest Library Association.

  • Intermountain Journal of Sciences

    IJS offers a regional peer-reviewed outlet for scientists, educators and students to submit original research, management applications, or viewpoints concerning the sciences. It also serves as a repository for abstracts of presentations made at the annual meetings of the sponsoring organizations (Montana Academy of Sciences and The Montana Chapters of the American Fisheries and Wildlife Societies). IJS has been published every year since it was established in 1995.