MSU Library Digital Online Full Object Retrieval collections are downloadable .jpg file format historic photos and documents.

These collections cover: ISSW proceedings, the historic scientific and practical application of rest-rotation in the western United States, early Montana Extension Service bulletins and circulars, photographs and original art of or by North American Native Peoples, historical photos of southwestern Montana, and Montana State University (MSU) online theses and dissertations.


  • image of bud lillyAngling Oral History Project

    The Montana State University Library Special Collection's Angling Oral History Project seeks to interview anglers, politicians, artists, authors, and just about anyone else whose work relates to trout and salmon. We are seeking to preserve the memory of angling in our time in order to capture what we have and what we have lost.

  • ivan doig with hand on chinIvan Doig Archive

    The Ivan Doig Archive offers access to original manuscripts, an unfinished novel, private diaries, personal interviews, correspondence, memorabilia, and thousands of images including family albums, travel, and research photographs as well as documentation kept by Ivan detailing his battle with multiple myeloma.

  • 1912 Montanan YearbookMontanan Yearbooks Collection

    The Montanan Yearbooks Collection is found in the Montana State University Special Collection and encompasses nearly eight decades. The Montanan yearbooks are a snapshot of what life was like on the Montana State University campus between 1906 and 1991. Each volume follows one school year and features photos, names and descriptions of that year’s students, clubs, sports, faculty, administration, as well as written works, artwork, current news stories and advertisements gathered by the Montanan editorial staff.

  • man leaning on truckMontana State University (MSU) Archives Federal Work Projects Administration (WPA) Papers and Photos

    This digital collection is a subset of the entire Montana State University Archives WPA 1935-1942 Records Collection which has over 57 linear feet of 250,000 individual objects. Materials in the archived collection includes, but are not limited to: photographs of WPA projects in Montana, original artwork for WPA publications, research and field work on the statistics of Montana racial and cultural groups, local history and landmarks, agricultural history and practices, regional newspapers and publications, local Montana folklore and Native American legends, as well as directories of churchs and schools, and educational materials.

  • Montana State University (MSU) Archives Milburn Lincoln Wilson Agricultural Photographs CollectionMontana State University (MSU) Archives Milburn Lincoln Wilson Agricultural Photographs Collection

    Wilson, M. L. (Milburn Lincoln), 1885-1969, was born in Atlantic, Iowa in 1885. Images in this collection pertain to agricultural subjects and projects studied by Wilson from 1901 to 1945 at Montana State College.

  • Montana State University (MSU) Archives Trout and Salmonid Artwork Digital CollectionMontana State University (MSU) Archives Trout and Salmonid Artwork Digital Collection

    The Trout and Salmonid Artwork Digital Collection holds images of sample artwork found in the Montana State University Trout and Salmonid Special Collection.

  • Front Page 1896 First Issue of ExponentASMSU Exponent Digital Collection

    Montana State University MSU Exponent Student Newspaper online database has full-text, PDF format retrieval of MSU Exponent editions from 2011 through the present. The database is a joint development effort between the MSU Exponent and Montana State University Library Digital Initiatives.

  • Dr. Caroline M. McGill Personal Papers CollectionDr. Caroline M. McGill Personal Papers Collection

    Dr. Caroline M. McGill (1879-1959) was an early twentieth century physician in Butte, Montana and a founder of the Museum of the Rockies. The Caroline M. McGill Personal Papers Collection has over 100 unique digital brochures, correspondence and ephemera covering early dude ranches, the 320 Ranch, railroad tourist travel, national parks, history of Gallatin Canyon and Butte, Montana, and early notes on the founding of the Museum of the Rockies.

  • The National Park Service Webcams DatabaseNational Park Service Webcams Database

    The National Park Service Web Camera Database contains more than 100 unique web camera records, each with a link to the real-time web camera image, along with associated variables such as location, image type, and operational status. The purpose of the National Park Service Web Camera Database is to assist in research related to National Park Service interpretation and National Park Service history, including research regarding agency use of social media, and the concepts of the virtual visitor and the digital age in agency history and policy making.

  • International Snow Science Workshops Proceedings databaseInternational Snow Science Workshops (ISSW) Proceedings

    Online database with full-text pdf format retrieval of all ISSW Proceedings from 1976 through the present.

  • Montana State University (MSU) Electronic Theses and Dissertations databaseMSU Electronic Theses and Dissertations (ETD)

    Montana State University's online theses and dissertations.

  • MSU Digital Historical Photos collectionMontana State University Digital Historical Photos Collection

    Online retrieval of historical photos ranging in date from 1893 through 1960s of prominent Montana State University (MSU) alumnus, historical events, early 20th century campus student clubs, collegian activities, and campus grounds and buildings.

  • Indian Peoples of the Northern Great Plains Photos and Original Ledger ArtIndian Peoples of the Northern Great Plains

    The Native Peoples digital collection is a collaborative online retrieval project between Little Big Horn College Library, MSU-Northern Library, MSU-Billings Library, MSU-Bozeman Library Special Collections and Museum of Rockies Photo Archive. The aggregated online retrieval collection contains a 1874-1875 Treaty, original Ledger Drawings, tipi and serigraph artwork, and extensive historical photos of North American Native Peoples' cultures from 1874 through 1960.

  • Schultz historical photos collectionJames Willard Schultz Photographs

    Online retrieval of historical photos from 1859 through 1947 of northwestern Montana, the Blackfeet Reservation, Browning Montana, Glacier National Park, and Waterton National Park. These historic photos, taken by author James Willard Schultz, are archived in the MSU Library's Special Collections and Archives James Willard Schultz Photographs Collection.

  • Brook historical photos collectionThomas Brook Photographs

    Online retrieval of historical photos from 1890 though 1960 of Twin Bridges, Montana and the surrounding southwest Montana area. These historical photos are archived in the MSU Library's Special Collections and Archives Thomas Brook Photographs Collection.

  • MSU Extension Service Early 20th Century PublicationsMSU Extension Service Publications

    Online retrieval of early to mid 20th Century Montana State University Extension Service's Bulletins and Circulars covering topics in agricultural methods, household management, and 4-H Club activities.

  • August August "Gus" Ludwig Hormay Papers

    August "Gus" L. Hormay's entire personal and scientific papers of rest-rotation range-management system covering over 50 years of his scientific research and practical field work with the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and U.S. Forest Service. The rest-rotation lab and field research documents and photographs cover the Western United States from the early 1930's through 1990.

  • History of Food in America Home Cooking Online CookbookHistory of Food In America Online Cookbook

    Home Cooking is a MSU-Bozeman Spring 2012 History of Food in America (HSTA 409) class project. Students collected oral history interviews with someone in their family or community about a recipe and then wrote short narratives based upon the interview and included the recipe. The stories and recipes represent a wide range of family memories and regional or international cuisines.