Occasionally you may experience issues when trying to access the Library's online resources remotely. If you are experiencing access issues, please review our troubleshooting tips below.

No Access

If you are unable to access the Library's online resources (hitting pay walls, encountering error messages, etc.) from off campus, we suggest trying the following:

Access resources directly from the Library's website

The most reliable way to access our resources from off campus is to start your search at the Library's homepage. These links are configured to automatically ask authorized users to login using their NetID and passwords to enable their access to the Library's resources from off campus.Please note, community and non-MSU affiliates will not be able to access our subscription electronic resources from off campus locations.

Disconnect from the VPN

At this time, the Library does not recommend using the VPN to gain access to our subscription resources as an error known as split tunneling occurs, blocking access to resources that we subscribe to. We recommend disconnecting from the VPN and trying to access the resource again.

Try clearing your browser's cache

Our browsers tend to hold on to information that can, over time, cause problems when trying to login to the Library's online resources. We recommend clearing your browsers cache and trying to access the resource again. Steps for doing this in different browsers are linked below:

Use a different browser

Some resources do not work properly in a particular browser or your browser may have certain settings enabled that interfere with how the resource you're trying to access functions. We recommend switching the browser you're using (for example, use Firefox instead of Chrome) and trying to access the resource again.

Add to Proxy Error Page

If you encounter a page that says "... a resource that MSU Libraries needs to add their proxy database in order for it work correctly...", it means that the resource you're trying to access either needs to be added to our proxy (or updated) so that you can gain access, or it might mean that it is a resource we do not subscribe to. Please follow the link on the error page to submit the issue to the Library for resolution, and someone from the Library will email you directly with an update.

Image of the proxy error page asking users to submit a ticket to the Library for resolution if they enounter this page.

Limited number of users

A few of the Library's resources only allow so many users to access the resource at one time. Fortunately, this is only a handful of resources. The easiest way to identity if the resource you're trying to access has this restriction, is to do the following: 

1. Find the resource through the A-Z Database List, and there will be an icon next to the resource. Hold your cursor over the icon to see how many users can access the resource at the same time: 

A-Z Database Entry for Compendex showing the icon that says no more than 3 simultaneous users.

Unable to Login

If you are unable to login to the Library's online resources from off campus with your NetID and password, we suggest trying the following:

Reset your password

MSU Bozeman staff, faculty, and students enrolled in the current term have access to MSU Library online resources. They will use their NetID credentials when prompted to log in to the Library. If you are having trouble logging in with your NetID credentials, we recommend trying to reset your password.

Make sure your status is current in Banner

Emeritus and affiliate or courtesy faculty need to submit a request for approval of a non-employee appointment yearly to maintain uninterrupted access to the Library's online resources. These users should contact their sponsoring department or MSU Human Resources to check on their status in Banner before contacting the Library. It is important to note that anyone not appointed in accordance with this policy, will not be granted access to the Library's resources.

Journal Coverage

If you cannot access certain years of a journal even though the journal website indicates access is available through MSU Library, we suggest trying the following: 

Look up the journal title in CatSearch

Many times, a journal website will indicate that access is available through the MSU Library, but this does not necessarily mean that the Library has access to everything within a journal or all the journals from a particular publisher. The best way to see exactly what years of a journal we have access to, is to search for the title name using the Journals by Title search from the Library’s website. You may also find that we have different years of access available through different platforms:

 Example of the years of a journal that the Library has access to.

Reporting an Error to the Library

If you've tried everything, and you're still not able to resolve your access issue, please contact the Library. When possible, please try to provide us with as much of the following information as you can to help us troubleshoot the issue: 

  • What is your current affiliation with MSU?
  • Were you asked to sign in at any point with your NetID and password?                             
  • Please provide the name and URL of the specific resource you're trying to access.                   
  • Are you trying to access the resource from on or off  campus? 
  • How are you trying to access the resource (CatSearch, Google, directly from resource website, etc.)?
  • What browser (Chrome, Firefox, etc.) and type of device (PC, laptop, iPad, etc.) are you using?
  • What specific error messages or error screens do you see? Screenshots are always helpful.                                       

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