If you cannot access certain years of an online journal, even though the journal website appears to indicate that access is available through the library, we suggest trying the following: 

Look up journal titles in CatSearch.

Many times, a journal website will indicate that access is available through the MSU Library, but this does not necessarily mean that the library has access to everything within a journal or all the journals from a particular publisher. 

The best way to see exactly what years of a journal we have access to, is to search for the title name using the Journals by Title search from the library’s website. You may also find that we have different years of access available through different platforms:

 Screenshot of the online availability section of the library catalog.

Use BrowZine to explore our journal subscriptions.

BrowZine is a tool that lets you browse and read scholarly journals from any device, and it replicates the experience of reading print journals. Try BrowZine now

Screenshot of the BrowZine interface with the MSU Library logo, a collage of journal covers in the background.