Helpful information and tips & tricks for locating and accessing our electronic materials

Getting Started

Empty aisle between two book stacks in the MSU Library.I am ON campus: 

If you're on campus, access any of the Library's resources by:

  1. Using a public computer anywhere on campus or 
  2. Connect to MSU-Secure wifi from your device 
  3. Start searching! You can begin looking for resources at the Library's homepage, or if you want to access a specific resource, go directly to that resource. If the Library has access to it, you should automatically be recognized as an authorized user.

I am OFF campus:

If you're off campus, you will need to sign in to the Library before you can access our resources remotely:

  1. If you haven't already, set up your NetID and password.
  2. Visit our page with steps for accessing our resources from off campus.
  3. Having trouble? See our troubleshooting page for help resolving common issues.

I am NOT affiliated with MSU Bozeman:

If you're not affiliated with MSU Bozeman, you are always welcome to come to campus and access our electronic resources by using a public computer. There are just a handful of databases that require a sign in, even from campus, but you will have access to the majority of our resources. 

There are also several open access resources (no login or subscription is required) that you may find of interest:

  • MSU Library Digital Collections: find digitized photos, manuscripts, yearbooks, recordings, and more
  • ScholarWorks: open access research published by Montana State University faculty and students
  • Unpaywall: a large database of openly available scholarly articles
  • Open Access Button: free, legal research articles delivered instantly or automatically requested from authors

Additional Help and Information

Conditions of Use and Licensing Restrictions for Electronic Resources

Montana State University Library subscribes to thousands of electronic journals, books, and other databases for use by authorized users (current faculty, students, and staff, and in most cases on-site visitors). The terms and conditions for using these resources are set out in electronic resource license agreements with each resource provider. It is the responsibility of individual users to ensure their use of electronic resources does not breach the terms and conditions specified in the license agreements. Licenses vary from publisher to publisher; however, the general principles are listed below. Breaches of the University's contractual arrangements with publishers could result in the suspension of access to the resources for the entire Montana State University community.