We strive to make all of our spaces welcoming and inclusive. Please let us know how we can do better.

Study Spaces

Display of faculty recommendations in the browse collection.

Browse Collection

On 1st floor across from the coffee shop, find good books and interesting magazines recommended by MSU students, faculty, and staff. Accessible via the front entrance. Furniture available: large comfy chairs, height adjustable table with a computer and printer, high-top tables with stools. 

Image of collaborative space

Collaborative Spaces

The basement, 1st floor & 2nd floor are our "active study" spaces, self-regulated study spaces for groups and individuals that supports active learning, discussion, interaction, and noise from conversation, technology, and equipment. Public computers are available on all levels with the majority on 1st floor & 2nd floor. Accessible via the ramp or lift on 1st floor, or the public elevator. Furniture available: Long study tables, chairs on wheels, desktop computer stations, large comfy chairs. 

Quiet study space by the fountain on third floor.

Quiet Spaces

The 3rd floor & 4th floor are quiet spaces to work alone or around others and/or to relax. Please respect the quiet. Accessible via the public elevator. Furniture available: Large single use desks with dividers, long tables suitable for multiple users, chairs on wheels and 'sled' chairs. 10 public computers on the 3rd floor.  8 public computers on the 4th floor.

Sensory Spaces


Colorful blue and gold space with bookshelves, plants, and a large rug that is semi-inclosed.

Sensory Seeking Space

New in the fall of 2023, this high sensory space is in the NW corner of the library 1st floor.  This vibrant, inclusive zone fuels relaxation and ideation with games, fidget toys, Legos, coloring, and floor seating. Let the sensory wall inspire and invigorate your imagination. On-demand and reservation-free, this highly stimulating space is ideal for individuals or small student groups seeking an unconventional, creativity-boosting spot to de-stress, brainstorm, or bond.

Sensory Avoidant Spaces

Three individual Sensory Avoidant Spaces are being *prototyped on the library 4th floor. We are looking for feedback on how to improve these low sensory spaces for relaxation or studying, so check them out and let us know what you think (a feedback box is available in each space). 

Additional distraction-free study spaces include:

  • 3rd and 4th floor individual study carrel desks with side walls that reduce visible distractions. 
  • Reservable Study Spaces are available for student use, including semi-enclosed rooms for limited-distraction on the first floor and second floors. One enclosed study room is available on the 4th floor.

Reservable Spaces & Library Instructional Spaces

Image of group study rooms

Reservable Study Spaces

Reserve one of our library study spaces. Rooms are on the 1st, 2nd, and 4th floors and tables are on the 2nd floor.  

Open Reservations for:
MSU Students, Faculty, & Staff

Others please inquire at the Library Service Desk for options.

Virtual Discovery Space

Virtual Discovery Space (VDS)

Reserve the VDS

Partitioned instructional space on 1st floor. Contains a large screen for instruction and presentations, includes video and microphone options for hybrid instruction. Accessible via the ramp or lift on 1st floor. Furniture available: Open floor space with chairs and stools.  

Mediated Reservations for:
Faculty & Staff, MSU Students with Instructional Need

computer class

The Library Classroom

Reserve the library classroom

The Heathcote Classroom (pronounced "HETH cutt") is an instructional space with 28 networked computers, including two accessible computer stations, located in the basement. It is accessible via the public elevator. Furniture available: desktop computers on long tables with chairs on wheels. 

Mediated Reservations for: Faculty & Staff

Partners in the Library

Brewed Awakening Space on the first floor of the library.

Brewed Awakening

On the 1st floor. One of several on-campus retail dining operations operated by campus Culinary Services. Grab coffee, juice, snacks and other grab and go items. Accessible via the front entrance. 



Office on the 2nd floor, next to SmartyCats tutoring. The GEAR UP program is dedicated to providing support and services to first-year students from Montana’s GEAR UP schools. Accessible via the public elevator.

SmartyCats space on second floor of the library.

SmartyCats Tutoring

Free drop-in tutoring on the 2nd floor.  Accessible via the public elevator.

Testing center space in the basement of the library.

Testing Services

The Testing Services center is located in the Basement. They provide a wide range of academic and professional exams to students and the public, including testing administration for MSU students with accommodations. Accessible via the public elevator.
The UIT Service Desk space on the first floor of the library.

UIT Service Desk 

Office on 1st floor. Your starting point for tech assistance. Accessible via the ramp or lift on 1st floor.

writing center sign

Writing Center

Office on 1st floor. Get help with all your writing needs. Accessible via the ramp or lift on 1st floor.

Building Accessibility

Our building has some issues including a split-level 1st floor, which makes accessibility more difficult. For more information on physical accessibility, as well as accessibility software, technology, and accessibility of digital library content, please visit our page on Accessibility in the Library.

The Library is committed to making our spaces and services accessible to all users, and we know we can do better. Please let us know how we can improve.

Lighting in the Library

  • Most library spaces have overhead florescent lighting
  • The first floor Browse area has two movable, task-reading lights.
  • The 3rd floor study area near the fountain has an opaque overhead skylight offering more natural light depending on the weather. 
  • There are windows on the north side of first, second, and third floors.

Floor Guide

Our Library Floor and Location Guide gives the location of books, periodicals, and other library resources by subject and call number ranges for each floor. 

Restroom Locations

Bathroom, Toilet, Water Closet, Wash Room, Lavatory, The Loo. 

  • Gendered restrooms are available near the elevator on the 2nd floor and 3rd floor and in the basementand are accessible via the public elevator. There are no restrooms on 1st floor or 4th floor.
  • Single-stall gender neutral restrooms are available on the 2nd and 3rd floors and can be accessed via the public elevator. However, they are not ADA compliant unfortunately.


For information on where physical technology is located in the library including copiers, printers, scanners and tech-checkouts, visit our Technology Services page.

Virtual Library Tour

Take our Virtual Tour which gives you 360° views of the many spaces in the library along with descriptions of our resources and services. Also, check out our accompanying, accessible text document describing the tour's content.