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About Us

MSU Library's building, Renne Library, was named after Roland R. Renne (1905-1989), the president of Montana State College from 1943 to 1964. Renne Library is centrally located on campus between the Strand Union Building and Reid Hall.

MSU Library's Heathcote Court on first floor features a Rudy Autio sculpture titled "Kosmos," a new book area, comfortable seating, an art exhibit area, and The Brewed Awakening coffee bar—see the Collegian article (Fall 2004).

Heathcote Court The Brewed Awakening Rudy Autio Ceramic Sculpture Heathcote Court New Books Display

The third floor reading room is "tailored to accommodate the study needs of contemporary students" and displays 8 lithographs and 3 digital reproductions of oil paintings by Livingston artist, Russell Chatham. (See the article by Tracy Ellig)

In August 2002, Mark Stasz, a Bellevue, Idaho-based sculptor, installed a fountain of his own creation on the third-floor, as part of the state's Percent for Art program. "Young Fancy Dancer," a print by Native American artist Kevin Red Star is on display on the 2nd floor of Renne Library.

Florence Nightingale 3rd Floor Atrium Albert Einstein 3rd Floor Study Area William Shakespeare 3rd Floor Atrium

The second, third, and fourth floor lobbies of Renne Library have stained glass artwork by Virginia artist Maureen Melville. Subjects depicted in the artwork are William Shakespeare, Albert Einstein, and Florence Nightingale. These pieces were chosen via a national competition and were funded by the state's Percent for Art program.

In May 2003, Renne Library "won the Montana Library of the Year award for its transformation from 1950s sterility to a pleasant, contemporary space" by the Montana Library Association at their annual conference in Butte. (more from the Collegian, Summer 2002)

The Friends of MSU Library

The Friends of the MSU Library, founded in 1994, have been especially helpful in supporting MSU Library and funding building improvements such as a group study room, the stack end panels on fourth floor, and Clowder Flats (a study area on the west landing) to name a few.