34th Annual Bug Buffet                                                                              Spring 2022 

Bug Buffet Display 22 - Angled from left

This year is the 34th Annual Bug Buffet.  This display explored the use of creepy critters in food concoctions as not only a potential food source option, but looking towards the past and Native American practices that have used these creatures for centuries. A week long celebration with events were offered by the Health and Human Development. Is this an event you would be able to take a bite out of?

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Reading Alters Lives                                                                                    Winter 2022 

Reading ALters Lives close up

The MSU Library is more than just a house for books, it is a home that fosters new ideas and expanding imaginations. This year for our annual Open House the theme of Reading Alters Lives brought about the question of "what book has enriched your life?".  In this Display we explored that idea asked the library employees that very question and were thrilled by the responses, and happily displayed them to share with the public and get the passers by to stop and think about the books they have read and how some simple words on a page has altered their lives. 

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Indigenous Voices                                                                                      Fall 2021


This display is a celebration of the Indigenous Voices.  In this display there are recommendations from an MSU Library Collection which feature 6 indignenous authors that were recommended by library workers.  There are also some authentic items donated for the library to highlight and share a glimpse into a unique culture.  To view more books in our collection visit:bit.ly/BrowseIndigenousVoices

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Bears, Birds, and Brothers: A Glimpse into the Craighead Collection Spring 2021

Creaighead Display - angled from left

This display is a celebration of acquiring and beginning the digitization of the Craighead Collection in the Archives and Special Collections. It is a peek into the fascinating adventures in research that Frank and John Craighead experienced.  These cases share a glimpse of the amazing span of research, from falconry to war manuals, to grizzly bear tracking. 

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J.R.R. Tolkien Celebration                                                                          Spring 2021

Tolkein display

March 25th is Tolkien reading day, a day to encourage fans to celebrate the works of J.R.R. Tolkien and to read his works.  The library celebrated his life and accomplishments with this display.  

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