People & Technology: An Endless Evolution of Change in the Library.

was designed to show changes the Library has experience throughout its history. It highlights how the technology has evolved and how seamlessly the library has adapted to each new transformation. The technology and artifacts on display throughout the case, such as a card catalog drawer that has methods of how to find information, from the cards, to microfiche, to floppy disks, VHS, CD, DVD, and a thumb drive. The archaic looking book vice that would hold the binding in place as the glue would dry, the rotary telephone and flip mobile phone that has its antenna raised as if still searching for a signal. Each of these items were for a moment, ahead of their time, but now the dust has settled on each of them.

In contrast to these pieces, are the pictures of people at the library; staff and students plucked from eras gone by and recreated by the current staff. These particular photos were chosen from our digital collections with care to highlight that though there is a steady stream of change, some items can withstand the test of time. In the center of the case is a photo from 1904 in black and white, a simple photo showing some students studying in a library; But there in the photo sits a sturdy wooden table, the same table that now resides on the second floor of the library. This table that has ceaselessly provided a safe harbor for learning for over 100 years. Using photoshop we brought this image into the 21st century and sent our recreation back to the beginning of the 20th; We colorized the old and gave age to the new. In another variation of the photos, we spotlighted the table, giving it color, and leaving the rest in black and white. We did the same with other items still in performing their duties with in the library without complaint for years! It is these items and the people that have kept the library moving forward and relevant.


Recent Displays

Grand Prismatic Spring Inspires Art, Photography and Science
Fall 2018

PIc of the GPD Right Side


The display Grand Prismatic Spring Inspires Art, Photography and Science is designed to connect the many ways in which people interact with this unique wonder in Yellowstone National Park. The examples of art and photography are boundless with a wide range of media and artists. The science, represented by MSU’s Thermal Biology Institute, encapsulates one of the finest examples of what we can learn from thermal springs that benefit science as well as humans. The most striking aspect of the Grand Prismatic Spring of course is its renowned color. What seems surely the product of enhanced digital photography is absolutely genuine, and defies all attempts at reproduction. If you haven’t had the opportunity to stand in the sulphur-laden steam from this magnificent spring, there is no better time than now!   

Banned Books Week 2017
Fall 2017

This year we celebrated our freedom to read during the national Banned Books Week. Our display housed information about why books are banned or challenged, as well as historical accounts of book burnings in the United States. We also had a "Banned Books Selfie Station" where patrons were encouraged to snap a selfie with whichever banned book they were caught reading!


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