100th Anniversary of Armistice Day 11/11/1918 - 11/11/2018                                                        Fall 2018

Cropped image of the whole Armistice Display

In remembrance of the 100th Anniversary of Armistice Day the Library has dedicated our display case to the memory of those who served and sacrificed in The Great War. Our humble display houses 100 poppies, one each for the years of remembering, and showing the hope that grows from tragedy.  Our heart felt thank you goes to those who served, those who are serving and those who shall serve. 

Why did we choose Poppies as a focus point? Click here to read more about what inspired this particular display! 

Also check out these events that the MSU Library has been working along the Gallatin History Musuem, and the Museum of the Rockies to that commemorate Armistice Day.

 125 Extraordinary Ordinary Women of MSU                                                                                       Fall 2018

125 EOW - students

Since the university’s creation 125 years ago, the women of Montana State University have made remarkable contributions to the status of women at the institution, in the state and across the country. In this year celebrating MSU’s 125th anniversary, the President’s Commission on the Status of University Women is honoring women leaders, problem solvers and innovators from today and throughout MSU’s history.

Nominations poured in from across Montana, recognizing those who have had an impact on the status of women at MSU and inspired others by their example. Out of nearly 400 nominations, 125 Extraordinary Ordinary Women of MSU were selected.

Wall display

Explore the profiles of these Extraordinary Ordinary Women at www.montana.edu/125women and in several locations in the MSU Library until November 9th. 

  • Posters and interactive display of honorees in the atrium (see photo)
  • Featured contributors to the MSU Library Open Collection on the book shelves near the Cyberwall
  • Featured contributors to the MSU Library Special Collections in Special Collections on 2nd floor
  • 125 Women featured on the Cyberwall
  • Don’t miss the display case at the Library entrance!

To see more photos from this exhibit click here.


  Picture of books in "fire" bbw

Banned Books Week                                                                                                                           Fall 2018

This yea we celebrated Banned Books Week with a trivia night at MAP Brewery. We had multiple rounds of questions for people to answer, it resulted in a tie that was settled by a dance off! In our case we showed off some books and titles that have been banned nationally all the way down to individual group levels. The broad scope of books made for a fantastic moment for people to stop and reflect on why these books have burned so brightly in the world of controversy.


p&t right side of display

People & Technology: An Endless Evolution of Change in the Library.                                   Fall 2018

was designed to show changes the Library has experience throughout its history. It highlights how the technology has evolved and how seamlessly the library has adapted to each new transformation. The technology and artifacts on display throughout the case, such as a card catalog drawer that has methods of how to find information, from the cards, to microfiche, to floppy disks, VHS, CD, DVD, and a thumb drive. The archaic looking book vice that would hold the binding in place as the glue would dry, the rotary telephone and flip mobile phone that has its antenna raised as if still searching for a signal. Each of these items were for a moment, ahead of their time, but now the dust has settled on each of them.

In contrast to these pieces, are the pictures of people at the library; staff and students plucked from eras gone by and recreated by the current staff. These particular photos were chosen from our digital collections with care to highlight that though there is a steady stream of change, some items can withstand the test of time. In the center of the case is a photo from 1904 in black and white, a simple photo showing some students studying in a library; But there in the photo sits a sturdy wooden table, the same table that now resides on the second floor of the library. This table that has ceaselessly provided a safe harbor for learning for over 100 years. Using photoshop we brought this image into the 21st century and sent our recreation back to the beginning of the 20th; We colorized the old and gave age to the new. In another variation of the photos, we spotlighted the table, giving it color, and leaving the rest in black and white. We did the same with other items still in performing their duties with in the library without complaint for years! It is these items and the people that have kept the library moving forward and relevant.



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