"Libraries will get you through times of no money better than money will get you through times of no libraries."
—Anne Herbert, The Next Whole Earth Catalog, Random House, Inc. © 1980, Point.

Tomorrow's Library at MSU

Serving as MSU's primary center for information services and resources, the MSU Library supports the teaching and research needs of all MSU academic and research programs.

MSU Library offers state-of-the-art library technologies. Our patrons are provided information and access in all formats. The library serves almost 17,000 students and over 1,100 faculty with a growing number of distance learners and long-distance patrons.

We remain dedicated to building and maintaining core traditional "paper" collections. However, electronic technology has significantly changed the way we do business in the library. Public access computers are found throughout the library, on every floor, to ensure easy access. Most of our journal subscriptions are electronic, as are most databases. This trend will continue. See our Statistical Profile for more information about our holdings.

Thanks to private support, MSU Library continues to grow. A gift to the Montana State University Library is enduring and promotes the excellence of the university and its academic programs. The university library is a vital resource and a focal point for the entire campus community—and beyond.

To make a gift, view our Ways to Give and help support library needs.

For more information on the ways you can support the MSU Library, please contact:

Nina Jaeger
Director of Development
MSU Alumni Foundation