This statement was unanimously approved by Faculty Senate on January 14, 2015.


Dear Colleagues,

We the faculty of MSU, in support of our land grant mission, are committed to providing the broadest possible access to MSU’s scholarly literature and research documentation. We acknowledge that discovery, access and dissemination of MSU’s research is a valuable mechanism for engaging our peers, our community, and the world.

Open Access to scholarly literature and research documentation increases the impact of research conducted at MSU, thus furthering the spread of new knowledge, not only for our students and affiliates, but for all those who value the pursuit of learning and innovation.

Furthermore, we affirm that access to knowledge is a global issue. Open Access to research helps build knowledge on a global scale, and supports information equality for researchers everywhere.

Therefore, we the faculty, support the publication in journals which allow for open access deposit where possible. Moreover, we encourage our institution to work toward policies and infrastructure in support of Open Access.


The Faculty Senate of Montana State University