image of wolf howling

A wolf from Yellowstone’s Druid Pack mid-howl (Photo: NPS Photo)

Recently, the Acoustic Atlas entered into a new partnership with the National Park Service and its publication Yellowstone Science. Over the next two years, radio reporter and science editor Jennifer Jerrett will be producing a podcast series featuring new scientific research in the park. These podcasts will be jointly featured by the Park Service and the Acoustic Atlas, along with many of Jerrett’s Yellowstone field recordings.

Look for these fascinating stories and sounds in the coming months. Meanwhile, take a listen to Jerrett’s story this week for the national radio program Living on Earth. It features researchers Doug Smith and John Theberge, who are investigating how wolf howls may change with the seasons. “People come from all over the world to see and hear wild wolves in Yellowstone,” reports Jerrett. “And this latest research into wolf ecology, communication, and behavior, offers an opportunity to move further, beyond seeing and hearing, to take another tiny step closer toward understanding the mind of the wolf.”

Listen to the full story on PRI’s Living on Earth.