Instruction Acommodations For Students

Resources for Instructors


Campus Accessibility Resources

Physical Accessibilty on Campus

For more information about accessibility around campus, including a campus map, see Access for People with Disabilities

University Events

To request interpreting/captioning services for university related activities, other than regularly scheduled classes and labs, please complete an Online Request for Interpreting/Captioning for University Related Activities.

Disability Services

The Office of Disability Services has information and services for students, faculty, parents, and prospective students.

They also handle requests for course material or textbooks that are not accessible.

Academic Technology & Outreach

The Office of Academic Technology & Outreach supports instructors making educational content accessible for students with disabilities.

Office of Institutional Equity

The Office of Institutional Equity works to ensure an environment of non-discrimination and equal opportunity in its education programs and employment opportunities, and has an online Discrimination & Harassment Reporting Form.