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What is it? MSU has an institutional membership to Dryad which requires two forms of authentication when logging in for the first time. First, Dryad requires an ORCID ID for login. If you do not have an ORCID, you will have the opportunity to create a free, unique, identifier for yourself at the log in page. After logging in with ORCID you will then be asked to login with your institutional credentials (NetId). After you have logged in with your institutional credentials (NetId), Dryad ties together your ORCID and institutional affiliation so that you will not have to include this information a second time.

Dryad uses ORCID in order to authenticate each individual researcher regardless of the route of entry to Dryad (i.e. through the website, through the API, through a journal integration, etc.). When datasets are published, they should appear in your ORCID profile along with articles and other works.

Why use it? Data storage and management

Coverage: N/A

Access: Unlimited number of simultaneous users. See description for log in details.

Vendor: Dryad

Learn more: Terms of Service
ORCID Privacy policy

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