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What is it? Use Dryad to publish your data and get a DOI Assigned. Submit data in any file format from any field of research. Share all of the data from a project in one place. Dryad curators will check your files before they are released, and help you follow best practices. Submit your data to satisfy publisher and funder requirements for preservation and availability with a minimum of effort. Dryad works directly with many publishers -- including Wiley, The Royal Society, and PLOS -- to streamline the process. Get an informative landing page to facilitate re-use of your data and a citable DOI so you can get credit. Each landing page and dataset is optimized for search engines. Dryad is a nonprofit membership organization that is committed to making data available for research and educational reuse now and into the future. Privacy and Login Notes: Dryad requires ORCID to login. If you don't yet have an ORCID, you can get one through your first Dryad login process. Both services are integrated with MSU NetID signon. Your NetID and email address will be shared with Dryad and ORCID when you create accounts with them.

Why use it? Data storage and management

Coverage: Varies

Access: Unlimited number of simultaneous users.

Vendor: Dryad

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