Please note, at this time, non-MSU affiliates and Alumni do not have remote access to our subscription electronic resources. 

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If you are unable to access the library's online resources (hitting pay walls, encountering error messages, etc.) from off campus, we suggest trying the following solutions to gain access:


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Access resources directly from the library's website so you're prompted to login.

The most reliable way to access our resources from off campus is to start your search at the library's homepage. These links are configured to automatically ask authorized users to login using their NetID and passwords to enable their access to the library's resources from off campus.

Once you've logged in through an authenticated link, your browser will remember that your signed into the library. So, for the duration of your session, you can access resources you find through Google or elsewhere that the library has a subscription to without having to sign in multiple times.

Disconnect from the campus VPN.

At this time, the library does not recommend using the VPN to gain access to our subscription resources as an error known as split tunneling occurs, blocking access to resources that we subscribe to. We recommend disconnecting from the VPN and trying to access the resource again.

Try clearing your browser's cache.

Our browsers tend to hold on to information that can, over time, cause problems when trying to login to the library's online resources. We recommend clearing your browsers cache and trying to access the resource again. Steps for doing this in different browsers are linked below:

Use a different browser.

Some resources do not work properly in a particular browser or your browser may have certain settings enabled that interfere with how the resource you're trying to access functions. We recommend switching the browser you're using (for example, use Firefox instead of Chrome) and trying to access the resource again.

Make sure everything is updated.

You may experience problems because of your browser version, browser settings, outdated plugins, etc. We recommend checking if your browser needs to be updated. Steps for looking up what version browser you're running, and how to update the browser are listed below: 

There could be a limited number of users.

Find out if the library resource you're using only allows so many users to access the resource at one time (fortunately, this is only a handful of resources). The easiest way to identity if the resource you're trying to access has this restriction, is to find the resource through the A-Z Database List. If there is a limited number of users, the database description will tell you how many users can access the resource at the same time.

Check the status of the resource to make sure there isn't a larger or already known issue.

Visit the library's page that lists any system updates or known issues, or go to 'Is it down right now?' to monitor the status of the website you're trying to access to check if the resource might be down or experiencing a larger issue that is causing access issue.

It's possible that the library does not subscribe to the resource you're trying to access.

While the MSU Library subscribes to hundreds of resources, we don't have access to everything! If you've tried all of the above methods, and you're still unsure if the library might have access to the resource, please reach out to us, and we will investigate the issue further or check out these options for alternative access to try and obtain a copy of the resource you're looking for.