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    Poetry Live! is a community celebration held during the Spring in the Community Room at Bozeman Public Library. The public is invited to read or recite an original poem or a favorite work by a favorite poet. This event was sponsored by the Montana State University (MSU) Library, the MSU English Club and English Department, and the Bozeman Public Library. 3:15-4:15 John Heilman reads "The Weekend" 4:33-7:25 Theresa Nichols Schuster reads "The Two of Us" 7:43-8:12 Rebecca Dilday reads "Windchimes" 8:31-10:00 Michael Donch 10:30-12:55 Joanne Tytnol reads an original poem 13:15-16:40 Ben Leubner reads "Aubade" by Philip Larkin 17:17-19:19 Valerie Hemingway reads "Beyond the Fling" 19:38-20:52 Craig West reads "Recall" 21:05-22:10 Sarah Juel reads an original poem 22:33-23:53 Willa Jean Speegle reads "God is Near" 24:14-28:45 Tyler Dunning reads an original poem 29:09-32:09 Margaret Mary Z. reads an original poem

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