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Women and Social Movements

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Women and Social Movements

What is it? Women and social movements contains the following collections:

  • Women and Social Movements, International Collection of primary materials illuminating vast areas of modern history. Through the writings of women activists, their personal letters and diaries, and the proceedings of conferences at which pivotal decisions were made, Women and Social Movements, International lets you see how women's social movements shaped many of the events and attitudes that have defined modern life. To the present, women's international organizations have focused on issues related to peace, poverty, child labor, literacy, disease prevention, and global inequality.
  • Women and Social Movements in the United States, 1600 to 2000 Explore the multiplicity of women's activism in American public life from Colonial times to the present. This database/journal brings together innovative scholarship, primary documents, books, images, essays, book and Web site reviews, teaching tools, and more. It combines the analytic power of a database with the new scholarly insights of a peer-reviewed journal.
  • Women and Social Movements in Modern Empires since 1820 Through 75,000 pages of highly curated text-based documents, Women and Social Movements in Modern Empires Since 1820 – a supplement to Women and Social Movements, International – explores prominent themes in world history since 1820: conquest, colonization, settlement, resistance, and post-coloniality, as told through women's voices
  • Women and Social Movements: Development and the Global South (1919 - 2019) Examines efforts to foster gender equity through expanded economic and social participation of women on a global scale. Covering a century, the database highlights and evaluates activism through individual efforts, organizational initiatives, and socio-cultural projects led by or for women in the Global South. It shows how women have negotiated power and status regarding private or public programs centered on their rights and social inclusion. Stressing the historical problem of the “feminization of poverty,” coupled with women’s invisibility within most foreign aid regimes and approaches to technical assistance, the project documents how women and their allies worked to balance economic growth and social improvement while navigating equity and the fairer allocation of resources. Accompanying essays by leading scholars in the field outline and critique significant shifts in approaches to development, including that of a gendered “post-development” perspective.

Why use it? Primary source materials on women's history

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