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What is it? Reaxys has experimentally validated synthetic chemistry information. It is a successor to Crossfire and provides web access to properties of chemical substances and reaction information. It includes critically evaluated data on physical, chemical, spectral, bioactivity, and toxicological properties. Reaxys merges the content from three chemistry databases:

  1. Beilstein: The Beilstein Database covers structures, reactions, and properties in organic chemistry with over seven million compounds, 10+ million chemical reaction references, and 20+ million associated chemical, physical, and biological property records. It covers heterocyclic, acyclic and isocyclic organic compounds drawn from the literature since 1771. The substance sections information includes structural information, including chemical, physical, and biological properties, preparative methods, chemical behavior, and literature references. The reactions section includes information on the preparation of substances and reaction attributes.
  2. Gmelin: The Gmelin Database covers structures, properties, and references to the literature in organometallic and inorganic chemistry. It has more than 1.2 million compounds including minerals, polymers, coordination compounds, alloys, glasses, and isomorphans. It contains the structural, factual, and bibliographic data cited in the Gmelin Handbook of Inorganic and Organometallic Chemistry.
  3. Patent Chemistry Database: A new file of organic chemistry information drawn from selected English-language chemical patents (US, WO, EP, 1976- ). Additional historical (1869-1980) patent coverage comes from the Beilstein and Gmelin files.

Why use it? Chemical reactions; properties; and physical, spectral, bioactivity, and toxicological data.

Coverage: 1771-Present

Access: Available on networked computers on the MSU campus in Bozeman and via the proxy server. Unlimited number of simultaneous users.

Vendor: Elsevier

Subjects: Chemistry, Engineering

Linked Data Topics:
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