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Bozeman and Great Falls Newspaper Index

Newspaper Search Citations to Montana-related articles from the Bozeman Daily Chronicle (1987-2007) and the Great Falls Tribune (1987-2006)

  3. Dates should be entered in YYYY-MM-DD format
    Note: Longer Date periods will result in longer queries, up to 2 minutes for an all dates Headline search.
Search Tips
    Punctuation: commas and dashes should only be used for Exact subject searches (browse the Thesaurus for examples); parentheses are used in Exact subject searches, and for nesting terms or phrases in any other search, i.e., yellowstone AND (bison or buffalo)

    Truncation: use an asterisk (*) to take the place of one or more letters either before or after a word. This is the slowest, but most complete search.
    • commun* will match with community, communication, etc.
    • *communi* will match with Ex-community, Ex-communication, etc.

    Dates: Limit a search with a start or end date (or both).
    • Start Date defaults to approximately 2 years before the most recent data entered into the database. End Date defaults to the most recent data entered into the database (currently through 12/31/2007)
    • enter dates in the form of yyyy-mm-dd
    • enter the same date in both fields to limit to a single day

    Words are searched for via a full-text query. Related words based on word-root are returned for these cases: Plurals; "s" and "ies" (as in vote returning votes, party returning parties, "’s" case, "ed" case (as in vote returning voted), "ing" case (as in vote returning voting).
    Phrases are best found by separating words with AND (see below)
    • physician decision will match titles with physician(s) OR decision(s), ie a space between words is interpreted as OR
    AND or OR operators are used to specify relationships between terms
    • AND indicates that all of the keywords must be present in the title to count as a match.
           - smoking AND health will match titles that contain both terms
    • OR means that a title matches your criteria if any of the search words are present.
            - community OR family will match titles containing either (or both) of the terms.

    Parentheses can be used to group words together for more complex searches. Terms enclosed by parentheses are read first. If no parentheses are used, AND is read before OR.
    • (community or family) and health will search for matches to either community or family before searching for titles that also have health in them.