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Library Account Application Form

PLEASE NOTE: No registration is required for most MSU people. Usually, your account is already in the system by virtue of being a student or employee of MSU.

In accordance with our licensing agreements for databases and journals, only Montana State University Faculty, Staff, Students, and legal affiliates as determined by the Provost's office are eligible for some library services. Do not share your account information with other persons. Thank you!

How to Apply for a Library Account
    A Library account will allow you to access Library services such as:

    -off-campus access to electronic databases and journals available at your MSU campus library
    -InterLibrary Loan

    The steps for this service are as follows:

    1. Read the FAQ.
    2. Fill out the form below.

    You should receive confirmation of your application via email immediately upon submittal. After acceptance of your application, the required information for Library Access will be emailed to you.

Your Contact Details
Your Location & MSU Affiliation

  1. Note: Nursing affiliations to MSU-Bozeman, be sure to use MSU-Bozeman-Nursing, even if located on another campus.
  2. You will need to know your ID number. It is listed on CatCards or Student ID cards. Only those without an MSU ID may leave this field blank, and if so MUST enter one of the stated options for Academic Program, Department, or Major in the next field

  3. Attention:
    Distance Education students and those affiliated with MSU or the Library who do not have a MSU ID please enter one of the following:
  4. ACE - For American Cultural Exchange Language Institute students.
  5. ARS - For Agricultural Research Service, Sidney or Fort Keogh/Miles City, MT.
  6. BATE - For Borderless Access to Training and Education.
  7. CBS-SURP - For Complex Biological Systems Summer Undergraduate Research Program.
  8. CLTW - For Center for Learning and Teaching in the West.
  9. FFP - For the Family Financial Planning Certification Program (Health and Human Development).
  10. FSL - For On campus Forestry Sciences Lab employees.
  11. FWP - For On campus Fish, Wildlife & Parks employees.
  12. MRI - For employees of McLaughlin Research Institute.
  13. MSMME - For Master's of Science in Mathematics Education applicants.
  14. MTGEC - For Montana Geriatric Education Center.
  15. RET - For Research Experiences for Teachers.
  16. REU - For Research Experiences for Undergraduates.
  17. USGS - For On campus USGS employees.
  18. OTHER - If you are none of these and explain below in the Comments or Special Circumstances field. Thank you!!