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Why Donate Your Collection?

The simple answer is legacy. We will commit to processing, preserving, and disseminating the archival and special collections materials you donate to the library. Imagine: A future researcher or descendent could come into the MSU library and hold in their hands something you collected, created, or cherished. You can help us build and grow our research collections -- some of the most comprehensive in the world for some topics -- and make that information available to those who seek to use it to advance human knowledge. 


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Visibility and Access

Our archival collections can be found on our website, in our catalog and inArchives West. We take special care to ensure that our collections are easily discovered through search engines.

As a land grant institution anyone can access and use materials in our reading room. We digitize as many of our collections as possible.


Teaching and Outreach

We use our collections to teach not only MSU students, but make them available to teachers and students across Montana.

We use collections extensively in the library's outreach activities--in Bozeman, across Montana, and around the world!


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