This form is intended for users with disabilities or anyone else to request MSU Library materials in a more accessible format based on their needs (e.g. use with a screen reader).

If you need help accessing materials but do not need an alternative format, please Ask the Library and we will help you.

While the MSU Library strives to provide accessible content and collections, unfortunately, not all are. For library collections that are not accessible, we are committed to providing reasonable accommodations and timely access to users with disabilities.

For assistance, please fill out the form below, email us at, or contact the library in another way.

We are also committed to making our physical library spaces and services accessible to all users, and we know we can do better. Please contact the library to let us know how we can improve.

For course material or textbooks that are not accessible, submit a request through the Office of Disability Services


For academic accomodations, or testing accomodations, see the Office of Disabilities Services website