Library Entrances

  • The north (main) entrance entrance doors are accessible and electrically powered.
  • The west entrance is not accessible.

Library Accessibility Services

Mobilility in the Library

  • One public elevator is available and accessible to all floors and services.

  • On 1st Floor we have a lift located across from the service desk, and a ramp located behind Brewed Awakening coffee shop.

Physical Library Resources


  • Public computers are available primarily on the 1st and 2nd floors. The first floor includes several accessible computers, including three with electrically powered height-adjustable tables, one attached to a scanner, and one with an EZ See large print keyboard.
  • Printers are available on all floors, including a printer on the lower level of the first floor directly adjacent to two ADA accessible computers with electric tables.
  • The library has ten, electrically powered height-adjustable tables: Three on the 1st floor, two on the 2nd floor, three on the 3rd floor, and two on the 4th floor.
  • For more information on where physical technology is located in the library, visit our Technology Services page.

Book in the Library Stacks

  • The 3rd floor stacks of books are very narrow beacuse they have not been moved in many years.
  • If you are unable to access books in any of our stacks, the Service Desk (in the 1st floor lobby) offers assistance in retrieving material, or youcan place a hold on items and pick them up at the service desk.

Library Spaces

For more information on accessibility of individual library spaces, see our Library Spaces Page

Restroom Accessibility

  • Gendered restrooms are available on the 2nd and 3rd floors and in the basementand are accessible via the public elevator. There are no restrooms on the 1st or 4th floors.
  • Single-stall gender neutral restrooms are available on the 2nd and 3rd floors and are accessible via the public elevator, but they are not ADA compliant.

Classroom Accessibility

  • The Heathcote classroom in the basement is wheelchair accessible via the elevator. The classroom has two computers in the front row on higher tables for wheelchair access.
  • The Innovative Learning Studio (ILS) is in the southwest corner of 1st floor. It is wheelchair accessible via the ramp or the lift. The furniture in the classroom is moveable and flexible to accomodate different needs. 

Physical Accessibilty on Campus

For more information about accessibility around campus, including a campus map, see Access for People with Disabilities

Disability Services

The Office of Disability Services also has information and services for students, faculty, parents, and prospective students.