The name of this association is “Friends of Montana State University Library,” known as “Friends of MSU Library,” “Friends,” or “FOL.”


The purpose of the Friends of the Montana State University (MSU) Library is:

  • to promote interest in the MSU Library among students, faculty, staff, alumni, and the public;
  • to provide a fuller understanding of the role of the MSU Library;
  • to encourage gifts and bequests in support of the MSU Library;
  • to provide feedback to the MSU Library Dean and other MSU Library employees about messaging, services, and other areas, as requested; and
  • to assist the MSU Library in its educational mission through exhibits, programs, publications, and other means.


The Friends of Montana State University Library works collaboratively with the MSU Alumni Foundation which functions as a fiduciary to receive and hold funds for the Friends.


All funds generated by the Friends will be deposited with the MSU Alumni Foundation and credited to an account of the Friends of Montana State University Library. Such funds will be disbursed according to the Board's wishes with the agreement of the Dean of the Library.   


The Friends of Montana State University Library includes all who support the MSU Library. The list of financial contributors will be updated annually at the beginning of the fiscal year based on contributions over the previous fiscal year.   


Section 1. Board Members

The Board will consist of at least nine and no more than fifteen members. At least six and no more than twelve will be elected members. The Dean of the Library or their representative, a Library faculty member, and a Library staff member – both appointed by the Dean of the Library - serve as voting members. A Library administrative staff member will serve in an ex-officio capacity to assist with the Board's operations. A representative of the MSU Alumni Foundation will serve in an ex-officio capacity.

Section 2. Board Membership Terms

Board membership terms are for three years beginning annually on July 1. A Board member whose term has expired may be elected to continue as a Board member for another consecutive term. A Board member may serve no more than six consecutive years and may only return to the Board after a year’s absence. The Dean of the Library or their representative, one Library faculty member, and one Library staff member serve without term limits.

Section 3. Elections of Board Members

Nominations for Board membership will be made by the Board with elections occurring before June 30.

Section 4. Removal of a Board member

The Board may remove any Board member who has three or more consecutive absences from regular meetings of the Board.

Section 5. Vacancies

Should any elected Board member be removed, resign, or be unable to complete their term, the vacancy may be filled for the remainder of the term by an election of the Board. A Board member elected to fill a vacancy will hold the position until the term's end and will be eligible to serve two more consecutive terms.

Section 6. Officers

The officers of the Board include a President, a Vice President, and a Secretary. Officers will be elected at the last meeting of the fiscal year and will serve the following year. Officers serve for one-year terms and no more than three consecutive terms.

The President of the Board presides at Board meetings, creates the agenda, supervises the business dealings of the Board, and acts as the primary contact.

The Vice President serves as the backup leader to the Board President so that the Board is never without leadership.

The Secretary takes minutes at the Board’s meetings, shares a draft with members before the next Board meeting, and sends the Board-approved version to the Library administrative staff member to keep as a part of FOL records.

Section 7. Expectations of Board members

Board members are expected to:

    1. Prepare for and actively participate in Friends of MSU Library Board meetings.
    2. Serve on Friends of MSU Library committees and task forces as needed.
    3. Promote the MSU Library and Friends of MSU Library in the community.
    4. Contribute financially to the Friends of MSU Library as they are able.
    5. Contribute time, skills, and expertise to MSU Library and Friends of MSU Library.
    6. Attend and volunteer at MSU Library and Friends of MSU Library events.
    7. Connect the Friends of MSU Library Board with individuals, organizations, and networks able to support the MSU Library and the Friends of MSU Library.


Section 1. Meetings of the Board

The Board meeting year begins on July 1. Board meetings will be scheduled at the Board's discretion, typically twice per semester and once during the summer.

Section 2. Quorum

A quorum at any Board meeting consists of 51% of the Board members.

Section 3. Voting

Decisions requiring a majority vote of the Board may be decided at any Board meeting where a quorum is present. The Board may also choose to enact a virtual vote via email or other means. For virtual voting, the President will notify all Board members of the motion(s) to be voted on and the deadline for submitting votes; votes will be sent to the President or their appointee. A majority of Board members will be required for a decision by a virtual vote. Results will be announced after the deadline at the next scheduled Board meeting or by another means.


The Board may amend these by-laws at any time with a two thirds (⅔) vote.