MSU Library Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Allyship Group

The MSU Library's Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Allyship (IDEA) Committee is dedicated to implementing actions that support the key MSU Library values of diversity, equity, and inclusion. 

To quote the MSU Library values statement:

We seek out diverse perspectives, as they challenge us, help us learn, and broaden our world view. We work to build spaces and services that are equitable and inclusive to everyone in our community. We value collegiality and build a culture of care within the Library.

IDEA aims to implement and maintain initiatives that support awareness and action around inclusion, diversity, equity, and allyship at the MSU Library. The activities of IDEA support the Library Strategic Plan, Measure 3.3.2: Number of diversity initiatives implemented and maintained over time. IDEA aims to not only build quantitatively with the number of initiatives, but also qualitatively, through the strength and impact of these initiatives.

Our Work

Our Diversity Strategic Plan

The IDEA committee, tasked with taking the college’s collective input and prioritizing actions, submitted the following recommendations to address and create sustainable change for a more equitable college and workplace.

This document provides a broad roadmap for future projects. We recognize that this work will require the effort and support of many individuals and groups in the library. We suggest that to start work on the goals outlined in this document, a member of IDEA pairs up with an Executive Team member to form the appropriate working groups for each goal or sub-goal. Other members of each working group will be selected based on expertise and interest. The goals have timelines that vary from nearly immediate to over the next twenty years. 

What We Are Working On During FY23

  • Developing and implimenting inclusive hiring practices
  • Promoting the use and adoption of Open Educational Resources (OER)
  • Creating and promoting inclusive syllabi guides
  • Developing our collections more mindfully
  • Providing a welcoming and comfortable environment throughout the library with accessible and representative art, signage, and more

Campus Resources

Office of Diversity and Inclusion

Academic Diversity Partners

Diversity & Inclusion at MSU

Diversity and Inclusion Student Commons (DISC)

Montana State University Diversity and Inclusion Framework 

Indian Education For All (IEFA) in Montana

Diversity Development Certificate

Safe Zone Trainings

Diversity and Inclusion Student Commons 

Leadership Learning from COVID-19 and Racial Injustice

Diversity at a Glance at Montana State University

Library Resources

Collection development policy

Inclusive Syllabi Guide and Resources

Open Educational Resources (OER)

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Brian Rossmann (Academic Diversity Partner, ex-officio), Chair

Venice Bayrd

Mary Anne Hansen

Christina Trunnell

Erin Weinacker


Please let us know if there is a project you think we should be involved in or if you have a suggestion about how we can to increase diversity, equity, and inclusion in the Library.