2011 Old Main Reunion

"This one is for Stu ..."

Our Fifth Gathering in Flagstaff, July 29-31, 2011

Kim Allen Scott, conspirator


Every five years Flagstaff must endure an invasion of Old Mainers, a very loose confederation of friends, family, hangers-on, alumni, and parolees. What brings them here? What mysterious force compels these people to return to the site of such events as the Great Beer Rebellion, the Hallucinatory Journey to the Retarded Forest, and the Blackbeard resistance movement? It could be the fact that most (but not all of them) understand the previous sentence? Perhaps the easiest explanation is that Old Mainers feel a nostalgia that has survived the genocide of countless brain cells, and enjoy seeing how everyone else has held up over the past half decade.

Our reunion in 2006 was dedicated to Steve Dickens, who was taken from our circle much too soon. Our 2011 gathering will be dedicated to Stephen "Stu" Waltsak. Although terribly weak and ill, Stu forced himself to attend the 2006 reunion and managed to say goodbye to all of us in his own way. I will always miss these two fine fellows, along with Troy Nelson, another of our extended group who hit the long trail much earlier than any of us would have liked. By the way; have you told an Old Mainer that you love him/her lately? Don't ever miss an opportunity to do that...

The Old Main Movies will be fetched along, as always, and shown with a projector on a sheet nailed to a wall somewhere.

The opening banquet venue has been chosen by a committee appointed by me (I am the only member of the committee, unless you want to join). I tried to cut a deal with the NAU Alumni folks, but they were less than encouraging (did we not tip enough last time????) I tried to reserve the patio behind the north student union (NAU response: "nope"); I tried to reserve Ashurst Hall (NAU response: "you can't afford it") and I tried to get suggestions for some other place on campus (NAU response: "Try Buster's"). With that rather chilly welcome, I made the decision to contract with the Weatherford Hotel on Leroux Street in downtown Flagstaff. We had a meal there in 2006 and it was a pretty cool venue. The porches overlook the downtown area and they have a great bar. Best of all, it is within staggering distance of the Monte Vista, so there is no need to drive!

Another change to this reunion schedule will be the Hart Prairie Picnic on Saturday rather than Sunday. Last time around several of you remarked to me that you would prefer the boondocker to be held earlier than Sunday, so that is what I am proposing. I hope you all agree. I have no idea where we will eat on Saturday night, but after goofing off in the woods together all day on Saturday you will probably want to get dinner on your own.

NEW! List of confirmations!!!! Here are the folks that have responded so far and indicated they are coming: Zeke and Deb Austin, Neil and Lynette Brown, Gary Brown, Randy and Geri Comolli, P.J. Connolly, Steve and Julia Holt, John Kinnally, Scott and Kate Lewis, Carlol Livingston, Pat and Tonya Moyle, Danny Robinson, Randy Robinson, Krysti Robinson DeZonia, Dave and Ronnie Sholder, Kim and Jayne Scott, Steve and Debra Suskin, Alan and Bonnie Teitelbaum, Sue Rau Berrill. You will note a few names missing from this list, such as David Levine, Jamie Wilson, and Mike Cannon. IF you know these guys, call them up and twist their arms!!!! This is my final update before the big event, and I look forward to seeing all of you. NEW! Almost the last update!!!! Our location of the Friday Night dinner has changed, and we have not figured out where it will be held. Got any suggestions????

Outline of Events

Thursday, July 28, 2011 (special pre-reunion activities for those who arrive early....you know who you are)
    Evening: Dinner at some sort of restaurant. We can't be any more precise...the event hasn't started yet!

Friday, July 29, 2011 (the official start of all unofficial activities)
    Morning: Registration at the Monte Vista Hotel (I plan on checking in and then hanging out in the lobby or the lounge until someone shows up)
    Lunch: El Charro, San Francisco Street (we will leave a sign in the lobby for latecomers)
    Afternoon: Hang out at Monte Vista Bar or another downtown watering hole
    6:00 pm Dinner: RED ALERT!!!!! We will be having our Friday night dinner at a new restaurant. We will NOT be dining at the Weatherford Hotel. Gather in the Monte Vista lobby at six and we will figure this out.

Saturday, July 30, 2011
    Mid Morning: Convoy to Hart Prairie for an all day Bachannal of barbeque, beer, and whatevere else blows your skirt up
    5:30 pm Dinner: A return to the Monte Vista for those sober enough to drive. Designated driver volunteers will earn their place in heaven.

Sunday, July 31, 2011
     Morning: Breakfast on your own
     Late morning and noon: Badminton and croquet on the lawn of Old Main (unless they call the cops...)
    Afternoon: Tearful goodbyes

Finally Finished!: Click HERE for some personal drawings of Old Main during its heyday and a few images from our last gathering!!!!

More Reunion Information

Here is some more information that you might need to know if you plan on coming. Our reunions in the past have always been so loosely organized that I feel a bit foolish even attempting to put up a schedule. However, as a librarian I am addicted to structure and order, so cut me some slack!

I hope that you all can come to Flagstaff. I know I am really looking forward to it.

The Old Main Reunion Homepage
Last Revised 21 July 2011

Monte Vista
The Monte Vista Hotel

This downtown hotel will be the headquarters for all the reunion activities. It features funky rooms, a funkier bar/lounge, and is located right in the middle of everything. Its a short walk to dining, shopping and Flagstaff's fantastic downtown district. Make your reservations TODAY!

Click here for the Monte Vista

For the picnic on Saturday, we need only to converge and move out. For the invasion of the Old Main Lawn on Sunday, we only need to do the same thing.

Heart Prairie
Hart Prairie Picnic

The big event of our reunion will be the traditional picnic at Hart Prairie, although we must always be prepared for an alternative. Who knows what sort of restrictions the managers of the Coconino National Forest will place on access this summer. We will hope for the best, and if all else fails, invade Buffalo Park on the hill behind the Brown's house and location site of the original Old Main Movie.

In view of the picnic arrangements it would be a good idea for any participants who are driving to the reunion to pack along big ice chests, folding chairs, shade canopies, and other implements of comfort to set up. Horseshoes, anyone?

Sock hop

Missing Persons

We have a pretty good communication system going between the U.S. Mail, email, and my own Facebook page. Between all three, we ought to be in touch with everybody, but don't take my word for it. If you know of someone who should be at this clambacke, take the initiative to contact them yourself. Let's all work to keep everyone informed.

email your concerns, requests, and complaints here:   kimjayne@imt.net
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