In June 2004, The Tribal College and University Library Association (TCULA) was born after several years of informal discussions, in order to help serve the unique professional needs of tribal college librarians. After a decade of networking and group problem solving informally, the librarians decided their own professional organization would serve them well in a variety of collective efforts and give them more of a voice in the profession and at their own institutions.

The first TCULA Executive Board elected by included the following tribal college librarians: President: Rachel Lindvall, Sinte Gleska; Vice President: Holly Ristau, White Earth Tribal and Community College; Secretary: Clyde Henderson, Crownpoint Institute of Technology; Treasurer: Elaine Cubbins, Tohono O’odham.

TCULA members continue to be active. They convene each June at TCLI on the Montana State University campus in Bozeman, MT, and at annual AIHEC meetings and other conferences and workshops as they can.