Text and Data Mining with Article Databases

Below are resources that MSU Library currently subscribes that support text and data mining. If you are interested in using a resource that is not listed below, please contact us. We will determine if the resource allows text and data mining. 

Publisher Database(s) Cost Access Method Additional Information Resources
Adam Matthew Digital (AMD)

All MSU-Subscribed Collections

No; available to all MSU students, staff, & faculty  API

Contact the Library to initiate process and submit your request to Adam Matthew Digital.

AMD Text & Data Mining Policy
Clarivate Analytics Web of Science (Core Collection) No charge for Web of Science API Liteavailable to all MSU students, staff, & faculty. Note, there is a fee for other API's from this vendor. API Special requests for data beyond what the API Lite offers can be made directly to the vendor, however, there is an additional charge for this that the Library will not be able to fund.  
Elsevier ScienceDirect No; available to all MSU students, staff, & faculty API

ScienceDirect content can be mined for non-commercial use. Users must first register to use the API and accept Elsevier's Terms of Use.

For data not available through the API,  researchers can contact Elsevier tonegotiate access: integrationsupport@elsevier.com


Text & Data Mining Policy FAQ's

Elsevier Provisions for Text and Data Mining (TDM)

ScienceDirect API's

Gale Gale Primary Sources No; available to all MSU students, staff, & faculty      
HathiTrust   No; available for free to all researchers (some restrictions apply)   API Find out more from the HathiTrust Research Center.  
JAMA Network Only MSU-Subscribed Journals No; available to all MSU students, staff, & faculty Downloadable in JSON format

To begin downloading metadata, users first need to create an account and register.

JAMA Network Text & Data Mining Services
JSTOR Data for Research (DfR) No; available for free to all researchers Zip files containing .txt, .xml, or  n-grams  Researchers can download self-service datasets of up to 25,000 documents for journals, ebooks, research reports, and pamphlets in the digital library for use in research and teaching. Larger datasets may be specially requested. Introduction to Using JSTOR Data for Research
New York Times   No; available for free to all researchers API Public access is available to multiple API's through the NY Times Developer Network; non-commercial use only.

NY Times Terms of Use

Oxford English Dictionary (OED) Oxford English Corpus No; available for free but researchers must submit a proposal   Oxford University Press grants research access to the Oxford English Corpus for projects that demonstrate a strong need for the data. Researchers must submit a proposal requesting access.  
Oxford University Press   No; available to all MSU students, staff, & faculty   Oxford University Press will faciltiate text and data mining requests for non-commercial use. To make a request, please contact Data.Mining@oup.com.  
Springer Nature All MSU-subscribed content No; available to all MSU students, staff, & faculty


Metadata Downloader

Springer Nature grants researchers text and data mining rights via their institutions, provided the purpose is non-commercial research, for all subscribed books and journals. 

Text & Data Mining at Springer Nature

Springer Nature API Portal