MSU Library supports the streaming media needs of the university and recognizes the need for equitable distribution of streaming access. However, the high cost of streaming videos (anywhere from $150-$500 per license per year), combined with budget constraints, necessitates limits on what the library is able to provide access to.

Streaming Media Requests

  • Not all films are available to purchase in streaming format for the Library and some film licenses may be prohibitively expensive for the library to purchase. We ask that you consider other streaming options prior to requesting that the library acquire the rights to stream titles.
  • Other streaming options can include asking your students to rent, purchase, or subscribe to films from a streaming platform (examples include Netflix, Hulu, Vudu, iTunes, Google Play, Amazon Prime, etc.). Typically, commercially available films will be found in these platforms. We are happy to help identify platforms where a film is available.
  • Currently, the library subscribes to several video databases that contain films in multiple languages and on multiple subjects. We encourage you to look through the film libraries available within these databases prior to making a request to purchase additional film licenses.
  • Should the Library purchase a 1-year film license for your curricular use, the Library will not automatically renew the license upon its expiration. Please submit a new request for continued access and specify the streaming platform in your request. 
  • You can host media yourself in Brightspace. Many vendors allow for smaller films and video clips, up to a certain size, to be hosted. If you have questions about copyright, please contact Leila Sterman, Scholarly Communication Librarian.
  • For media that is not accessible, the MSU Library will work to provide reasonable accommodations in an appropriate time-frame to users with disabilities. For assistance, or if you have suggestions or comments, please email the library or contact the library in another way.
  • Some vendors require licensing institutions to host the film on a secure, password-protected platform. At this time, MSU Library does not have the infrastructure to support hosting streaming media files.
  • Some vendors offer short-term temporary streaming licenses (less than one month) and/or single password protected streaming access to films. MSU Library generally cannot support these short-term and/or password protected licenses because they are management-intensive and are not accessible to our entire community.
  • At this time, MSU Library does not have the infrastructure to convert DVD's to a streaming format.