Current MSU Bozeman students, staff, and faculty using the library's resources off-campus, will use their NetID credentials when prompted to log in to the library. This allows access to our journals, articles, and research databases as long as you connect via the library links.

Start at the Library's Website

The most reliable way to access our resources from off campus is to start your search at the library's homepage, either by looking for resources in CatSearch or going to a specific database using links on the library's website. These links are configured to automatically ask authorized users to login using their NetID and passwords to enable their access to the library's resources from off campus. If you are having trouble using our online resources from off campus, please review our troubleshooting tips for resolving common issues.

Using the VPN to Access Online Library Resources

At this time, the library does not recommend using the VPN to gain access to our subscription resources as an error known as split tunneling occurs, blocking access to resources that we subscribe to. Instead, we suggest starting your search at the library's homepage or using the Online Resources Shortcut to add our proxy prefix to the URL of resources you're trying to use. 

Accessing Library Resources Elsewhere

The library recognizes that not of all of our users will start their research process at the library's homepage. Below are options we have in place for connecting to our resources if you start your research elsewhere:

Google Scholar

Google Scholar icon

If you like to start your research process in Google Scholar, you can link MSU Library to Google Scholar by changing the 'Library Links' setting in Google Scholar. This allows you to access our subscription content when searching Google Scholar. To connect Google Scholar to the library:

  1. In Google Scholar, click the "settings" option on the menu list, near the top of the screen.
  2. Select "Library Links" from the sub-menu. 
  3. Search for "Montana State University Library" in the library search bar.
  4. Check the box next to "Montana State University Library – Check MSU Availability" and save your new settings

CASA (Campus Activated Subscriber Access)

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     CASA is an authentication enhancement developed by Google and Highwire Press. If you visit the MSU Library from an on campus location and also visit Google Scholar, Google Scholar creates an automatic affiliation between you and the MSU Library. Later, when you access Library resources from off campus through Google Scholar, if you locate a resource from a publisher who has enabled CASA for their content, you will automatically have access. There is no charge to user this service, however, you need to login to the MSU Library and visit Google Scholar at least once a month from on campus to keep your CASA access from expiring. The Library has no control over CASA, but users can turn this setting of individually if they prefer

Install the Online Resources Shortcut

Icon of library resources shortcut                                                            

This shortcut provides easy access to resources that the Library subscribes to. Sometimes you may come across an article you want to access through a search engine such as Google or a social media service like Twitter, and this tool can connect you directly with that resource.

Install the LibKey Nomad Browser Extension for Chrome, Edge, Vivaldi, Brave, or Firefox

LibKey Nomad Icon                                                                                                                                             

MSU Library has access to a browser extension called LibKey Nomad. After you add LibKey Nomad to your browser, select Montana State University as your institution. When you're out searching, if you come across a resource the Library has access to, a popup window on the bottom left of your screen will link you directly to the PDF. If the tool recognizes that we do not have access, you will have an option to request the article through interlibrary loan. 


EndNote Click (formerly Kopernio)

EndNote Click icon that says View PDF 

EndNote Click is a free browser plugin that will help you access full-text articles that the MSU Library has access to, whether your are on or campus, and export them to your EndNote Library.


Use to search for an article by DOI or PMID

Screen capture of the interface                Search for articles by DOI or PMID by navigating to and searching for Montana State University - Bozeman to get started