MSU Library recommends that datasets be published in trustworthy data repositories, especially those that are commonly used in your discipline. Our research suggests that publishing data in a disciplinary repository promotes discovery and reuse of research data. 

The library provides a search tool for datasets published by MSU researchers. Click the button below to explore MSU research datasets.



Recommended general repositories


Dryad logo

Data publishing is provided to MSU affiliates for free via an MSU Library membership.

Log in with your NetID and password to deposit data 

General purpose repository appropriate for any type of data

Non-profit organization

Provides lightweight data curation

See the Data Management Planning Toolkit for:

Visit Dryad



General purpose repository appropriate for any type of data

Hosted by CERN

No data curation services

Data publishing is free

Integrates with Github

See the Data Management Planning Toolkit for:

Visit Zenodo


icpsr logo

Social science data repository

Especially recommended for sensitive data that requires restricted access

Hosted by the University of Michigan

ICPSR provides in-depth, fee-based curation and publication services

Depending on level of curation, cost is often $3000-$8000. Contact for an exact cost estimate.



Qualitative Data Repository logo

Data repository specializing in qualitative data

Curation services to support responsible qualitative data sharing

Depending on level of curation, cost is often $500-$1000.

Contact for exact cost estimate

Visit QDR



Recommended disciplinary repositories


Guidelines for Citing Published Data

  • When using any published dataset, include a full citation in the reference list:

    • Smith K & Jones D (2016) Bison Observations in Yellowstone National Park [dataset]. Dryad.

  • For data that underlies a published article, we also recommend including a data availability statement in the article text, in addition to the full citation:

    • Data available from Dryad,

  • Contact us with questions.