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Historical Montana Extension Bulletins (full-text)

Connect to Historical Montana Extension Bulletins (full-text)

What is it? The Montana State University (MSU) Libraries Extension Service Publications collection has over 300 documents written by Montana Extension Agents from 1915 - 1950’s. The publications included in this collection can be accessed here as full-text digital files. Many more, but not all, of the publications are available as hardcopy in the MSU Libraries Stacks or Special Collections. The types of MSU Extension Service publications included in the MSU Libraries collections are Bulletins, Circulars, and Montguides. Examples of publication topics found in the MSU Libraries collections includes: farm and ranch management, animal husbandry, crop and soil development, gardening, home food processing, sewing, family and childhood health, home management, family budgets, estate wills and deeds, 4H clubs, boys and girls clubs, and small businesses.

Why use it? Full-text access to over 300 historical Montana Extension Bulletins.

Coverage: 1915-1950's

Access: These materials may be copied freely by individuals or libraries for personal use, research, teaching (including distribution to classes), or any "fair use" as defined by U.S. copyright laws. Please include this statement and author or photographer attribution with any copies you make. The materials may be linked to freely in non-commercial, non-subscription Internet editions created for an educational purpose. Anyone interested in any other use of these materials, including for-profit Internet editions, should obtain permission from Digital Initiatives at Montana State University Libraries.

Subjects: Agriculture, History

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