What is interlibrary loan (RequestIt!)?                                                                                                 

Interlibrary loan is a service to obtain items from other libraries that the MSU Library does not have. 

Who can use Montana State University’s interlibrary loan services?

Current students, faculty, staff, and affiliates.  Unfortunately, we are unable to provide this to alumni, retirees, or the general public.

How do I register for Montana State University’s interlibrary loan services? 

Your account is automatically created for you through the Banner system (MyInfo).

How do I request items through interlibrary loan?     

For items found in library databases, click where it indicates Request It!  For other items, log into your ILLiad account using your NetID and fill in all relevant information, then click Submit.

What can I request though interlibrary loan?    

Books (no current semester textbooks), articles, video or audio recordings, government documents, theses/dissertations, conference proceedings, patents, and newspapers.  If we can find a source, we’ll try to get it!

May I request an item owned by the Montana State University Library?   

Absolutely!  Articles within copyright guidelines will be scanned and delivered electronically.  Books will be retrieved and put on hold at the Library’s Service Desk.  Distance learners will have books mailed directly to them (postage-paid mailing label provided).  You will receive notification upon availability.

How long does it usually take for an ILL item to arrive? 

Most article requests take 2-3 business days while most loan requests take 3-7 business days.  You can check the status of your requests within your ILLiad account (see “Requests on Order” or “All Requests”) or contact the ILL office in person, phone (406-994-3161), or e-mail us.

How will I be notified my item is available?                                                                                                   

You will receive notification via e-mail. (Please keep your contact information up-to-date in your MyInfo account.

My ILL loan came in. Where do I get it?

Loans may be picked up at the Library’s Service Desk.  Distance customers will have their items mailed directly to them (postage-paid mailing label provided).

How long may I use requested items?   

Electronic articles will be available for 30 days after notification.  For physical items, times will vary – please check the due date on the item.

May I renew an interlibrary loan item?     

Yes, if the lending library permits (please see the slip on the item).

How do I renew an interlibrary loan item?       

You may request a renewal (within 5 days before it's due) through your ILLiad account. Go to the "Loans Received" table, click Renew.  You may also contact ILL staff in person, by phone (406-994-3161), or e-mail.

Where do I return my interlibrary loan item?  

Please return items to the Library’s Service Desk, interlibrary loan office, or in the book return.  Distance learners may mail items back (a postage-paid mailing label will be provided).

What is the cost for interlibrary loan service?

Interlibrary loan service is free with the following exceptions:  a) on rare occasion that the cost is more than $25, b) the item is overdue, c) the item was lost or damaged while in your possession.

How do I access my articles?    

Most articles will be delivered electronically.  Log into your ILLiad account and on the left side, click on “Electronically Received Articles”.  In the table, click on the blue “View” link next to the article you want to view. 

My electronically delivered article is no longer available.  What happened?

Your article is only available for 30 days after it’s initially delivered.  You might have accidentally clicked on the “Delete” button; if that's the case contact the ILL office.

How do I contact the Montana State University Interlibrary Loan office?

You can stop by our office in the MSU Library, call us at (406) 994-3161, or e-mail.

Why can’t I request a current semester textbook?
The library does not borrow required class textbooks via Interlibrary Loan as your textbooks are designed to give you the basic framework for your classes—the library's collections and services provide supplementary materials to augment your textbook. The MSU Library provides in-depth research assistance and information for your class, lab, studio, and field work.  Additionally:

    • Most of our partner libraries do not lend textbooks.
    • Most libraries do not purchase textbooks.
    • The very few libraries that do have textbook collections reserve them for their campus use only.
    • Interlibrary loans are typically not for an entire term.
    • Failure to return items when due will result in fines, suspension of borrowing privileges, blocked registration, and may jeopardize future borrowing by the MSU library from that lending library for any MSU student.