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MSU Library sponsors an annual Trout and Salmonid Lecture which is free and open to the public. This year we’re pleased to present The Sensual Fish, a playful and scholarly evening with writer and professor Henry Hughes. Drawing from literature, art and popular culture, Henry will discuss the delightfully slippery world at the confluence of piscine and human existence. Through fishing, Hughes crosses boundaries of race, ethnicity, gender, and class, and learns important life lessons as he interacts with people who share his love of fishing and enjoy the sensual connection between the salty pleasures and tensions of human and fish life. His exploration of the romantic aspects of fishing is sure to delight the audience.

Henry’s stories aren’t just for people who fish.

They’re for anyone who enjoys human connection and a good story.


Henry Hughes grew up on Long Island, New York. After completing an MA in Creative Writing at Purdue University in 1990, he spent five years working in Japan and China. He has lived in Oregon since 2002. Hughes is the author of four collections of poetry, including Men Holding Eggs (2004 Oregon Book Award), Moist Meridian (2011 Finalist for the Oregon Book Award), and Bunch of Animals, new from Cloudbank Books. His poems and essays have appeared in Antioch Review, Carolina Quarterly, Shenandoah, Seattle Review, Gray’s Sporting Journal and Harvard Review where his book reviews regularly appear. His fishing memoir, Back Seat with Fish: A Man Adventures in Angling and Romance, was published this spring by Skyhorse. He is the editor of the Everyman’s Library anthologies, The Art of Angling: Poems about Fishing and Fishing Stories. Hughes is a professor of literature and writing at Western Oregon University.

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