Tribal College Library Institue (TCLI) & Native American Studies at MSU                                    Summer 2019

 TCLI full display case

TCLIwas founded in 1989, when library faculty at Montana State University Library, responded to a request for a special workshop to address the professional needs of librarians at Montana’s seven tribal colleges. In 1992, as tribal college librarians in the region received word of this successful annual workshop, participation was increased to include North Dakota and South Dakota, and in 1993 to include the state of Washington. In 1994, TCLI received a grant from the American Indian Higher Education Consortium (AIHEC) to expand the program yet again to include librarians from all AIHEC affiliated libraries. 

Adding to the excitement of TCLI, this year there has been the celebration of the newest Hall on campus, for the Native American Studies. In the case images from the ground blessing, and the proprosed building were included. Information about the classes that are offered for the current Native American Studies were listed to show just how many options are offered. 

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Class of 2019, this case is for you! Go Bobcats!                                                                                  Spring 2019

Graduating class of 2019 display case angled from left  Graduating class of 2019 display case angled from right

We are so proud of all of the graduating students of MSU!

To see more images of our send off display to the class of 2019 follow this link.


April is National Poet-Tree Month                                                                                                         Spring 2019

Poet-Tree display angled from left      Poet-Tree angled from right

 April is National Poetry Month! This year to celebrate, we let our student workers take the lead on designing the display and it turned into this wonderful creation, with the fun theme of Poet-Tree!

They worked to make all of the elements highlight the Poet-Tree and to bring some spring into the library. Poems were chosen from many different time periods, genres, and people from all walks of life. The poems were placed on the leaves, flowers, and raindrops as a way to show that poetry is all around us. Many of the library's poetry books were featured in the case and it was advertised for people to check them out from there. 

This case was a big success with students and staff alike, many stating that the bright colors brought them joy when coming inside from the dreary long Montana wintery weather. To see more images of this display please follow this link.


The Sensual Fish - Trout Lecture featuring Henry Hughes                                                   Spring 2019

The Sensual Fish - Full case display

MSU Library sponsors an annual Trout and Salmonid Lecture which is free and open to the public. This year we’re pleased to present The Sensual Fish, a playful and scholarly evening with writer and professor Henry Hughes. Drawing from literature, art and popular culture, Henry will discuss the delightfully slippery world at the confluence of piscine and human existence. Through fishing, Hughes crosses boundaries of race, ethnicity, gender, and class, and learns important life lessons as he interacts with people who share his love of fishing and enjoy the sensual connection between the salty pleasures and tensions of human and fish life. His exploration of the romantic aspects of fishing is sure to delight the audience.  Follow this link to see more images from this display.

Henry’s stories aren’t just for people who fish.

They’re for anyone who enjoys human connection and a good story.


Goethe Institute Display                                                                                                               Spring 2019

Goethe Display - Full Case Image

The MSU German department was lucky enough to get the Goethe "Erfinderland" exhibit to come to MSU! The MSU Library teamed up with them to extend the exhibit into the Library. There was a display telling about the exhibit as well as acting as a calendar for the events. The exhibit celebrated Germany's contributions of inventions to the world in a wide range of fields. The Library also hosted a virtual reality experience on the CyberDiscovery Wall, featuring a tour of the hindenburg or watching the Bauhaus exhibit their unique dance style. For more information on the event please read the press release. Follow this link to see more images from this display.


One Book One Bozeman 2019                                                                                                        Love and Other Consolation Prizes by Jamie Ford                                                                  Spring 2019

 OBOB Display Case = cropped


One Book One Bozeman is a community focused event wherein one book is selected as the local read. By supporting this selection with author talks, discussion panels and other programming, OBOB promotes literacy and community engagement through the shared experience of reading. 

For 2019, MSU Library has partnered with the Bozeman Public Library and the Country Bookshelf to bring to life Jamie Ford's novel Love and Other Consolation Prizes for One Book One Bozeman. Throughout the month of February there will be events that play upon the themes that Jamie paints, themes such as book discussions, Japanese culture, the hazards of working in prostitution, World Fairs, local red-light districts, and many more. These events are open to the community, and we encourage you to attend as many as you would like. To find out more about the events please click here to view the calendar. To read more about the display case, One Book One Bozeman, and the book please click here

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Open House Display 2019 Office of International Programs                                              Around the World in 80 Days by Jules Verne theme                                                                      Winter 2019

OH19 angled from right side

January 8th the Library hosted their annual Open House, this year the theme was based on Jules Verne's Around the World in 80 Days, so it was only natural to invite the Office of International Progams (OIP) to create the display case. OIP provided images taken by students that have been around the world with the international program. In this display the pictures told the stories of culture, discovery, beauty, friendship, and so much more that are found when travelling. 

  Click here to check out our archive of past displays.