Dog Tails for Paws to De-Stress                                                                    Fall 2019

Paws to De-Stress angled image - fall 2019

The faculty and staff of MSU Librarycompiled pictures of their canine companions to help spread smiles to student faces, and help them to De-Stress!  

Well the ever curious bobcat Rufus found out... and you know what he did?

He recommended we put our feline friends in here too! And since we are a library and you just know we love our Cats (Go Cats Go!) we simply couldn't resist!!

We also highlighted our wonderful partners: Intermountain Therapy Animals! It is their 20th anniversary of their R.E.A.D. (Reading Education Assistance Dogs) program to improve the literacy skills of children through the assistance of registered therapy teams as literacy mentors.

At our Paws to De-Stress event, the wonderful volunteers and their dogs come to the Library the last two weeks of the semester to help students take a moment to breathe and relax during a very stressful time of the semester.


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Veterans Day 2019                                                                                          Fall 2019

Display from left side - angled


In remembrance of all the brave men and women that have served to protect the United States of America, we have a simple display with the flag spread ready to fly. Our heart felt thank you goes to those who served, those who are serving and those who shall serve.


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Crossroads of Discovery at YOUR Library                                                                                            Fall 2019

Crossroads of discovery - right side angled

This year the library was the place of the Year Of Undergraduate Research (YOUR) Open House; we provided the location for undergraduate students to come and present their research findings to the community.  For our display we made a crossroads of discovery of YOUR Library!  The roads lead to areas such as Special Collections, Acoustic Atlas, eResources, Librarians, and more! 

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 Banned Books Week - Censorship leaves us in the dark. Keep the light on!                              Fall 2019

banned books week display angled from left

This year we celebrated Banned Books Week with a trivia night at Spectators bar and grill. We had multiple rounds of questions for people to answer, and it was a fantastic evening! In our display we amplified the ALA Banned Books Week theme "Censorship leaves us in the dark. Keep the light on!". We shed light on somebooks and titles that have been banned.

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100th Birthday Celebration for MSU Alum Dr. Maurice Hilleman                                                  Late Summer 2019

Hilleman Display - angled from the right

IAs a part of the Year Of Undergraduate Research (YOUR), and in celebration of the 100th birthday of Dr. Maurice Hilleman, the library crafted this display about the MSU Alumni. A man that grew from a humble beginning in the small town of Miles City, Montana made his way to changing the world with hard work and research. 

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50th Anniversary of the Apollo Moon Landing                                                                    Summer 2019


image of the full display of 50th anniversary of the moon landing

In celebration of the 50th Apollo Moon Landing, the library displayed videos of the era, encapsulating the moment from 50 years ago into a quiet moment of reflection of a different time. 

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Tribal College Library Institue (TCLI) & Native American Studies at MSU                                    Summer 2019

 TCLI full display case

TCLI  was founded in 1989, when library faculty at Montana State University Library, responded to a request for a special workshop to address the professional needs of librarians at Montana’s seven tribal colleges. In 1992, as tribal college librarians in the region received word of this successful annual workshop, participation was increased to include North Dakota and South Dakota, and in 1993 to include the state of Washington. In 1994, TCLI received a grant from the American Indian Higher Education Consortium (AIHEC) to expand the program yet again to include librarians from all AIHEC affiliated libraries. 

Adding to the excitement of TCLI, this year there has been the celebration of the newest Hall on campus, for the Native American Studies. In the case images from the ground blessing, and the proposed building were included. Information about the classes that are offered for the current Native American Studies were listed to show just how many options are offered. 

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Class of 2019, this case is for you! Go Bobcats!                                                                                  Spring 2019

Graduating class of 2019 display case angled from left  Graduating class of 2019 display case angled from right

We are so proud of all of the graduating students of MSU!

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