Goethe Display - full case image 

The MSU German department was lucky enough to get the Goethe "Erfinderland" exhibit to come to MSU! The MSU Library teamed up with them to extend the exhibit into the Library. There was a display telling about the exhibit as well as acting as a calendar for the events. The exhibit celebrated Germany's contributions of inventions to the world in a wide range of fields. The Library also hosted a virtual reality experience on the CyberDiscovery Wall, featuring a tour of the hindenburg or watching the Bauhaus exhibit their unique dance style. For more information on the event please read the press release.



Goethe Display - Full Case Goethe Display - Full Case 2Goethe Display - left sideGoethe Display - right sideGoethe Display - 1/4 panelsGoethe Display - 2/4 panelsGoethe Display - 3/4 panelsGoethe Display - 4/4 panelsGoethe Display - Close up of textGoethe Display - left angledGoethe Display - left angledGoethe Display - Close up of text 2Goethe Display - Close up left mapGoethe Display - Close up right map

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