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Montana State Universtiy Wikipedia Campus Ambassador Program

Wikipedia Outreach Education Program The Wikipedia Education Outreach Program is made up of volunteers who support professors and university classrooms incorporating Wikipedia's use as a teaching tool. All public, private, tribal or indigenous-peoples junior colleges, colleges, universities, academic libraries and museums can participate in Wikimedia Foundation's Educational Outreach Programs.

Any college campus can have a Wikipedia Student Club, and all campus students, staff, faculty and active local Wikipedians are invited to become Wikipedia Ambassadors. The United States and Canadian Education Programs are merging into Wiki Education Foundation (WEF) and will operate as a Wikimedia Foundation thematic organization.

Montana State University Wikimedia Outreach Program

Montana State University has been a participant in the Wikipedia Education Program since 2011. At that time, MSU was one of only 22 universities and eight academic libraries across the United States actively teaching scholarly Wikipedian writing and editing as part of higher education class rubrics. Other 2011 campuses included: Boston University, Georgetown University, Indiana University, Michigan State, New York University, San Francisco State, Simmons College, Syracuse University, UC-Berkeley, USC, and Virginia Tech.

MSU-Billings - Research Professor, Dr. Richard Jensen is a history scholar and active Wikipedian. In addition to Dr. Jensen's ongoing contributions to Wikipedia, his most recent educational work with Wikipedia includes his presentation Refighting the War of 1812 on Wikipedia at the Wikimania 2012: WikiCulture and Community VI: Improving Wikipedia III (Dr. Jensen's talk is the second one starting at 31:10), and his work as a member of the Wikipedia Education Working Group.

MSU-Bozeman - Professor, Dr. Kristin Ruppel became a 2011 Wikipedia Teaching Fellow and adapted writing to Wikipedia into two of her classes: NAS-426/530 Federal Indian Law and Policy and American Indians & Film.

MSU-Bozeman - Adjunct Professor Edis Kittrell adapted the program into her 2012 Writing 101 classes and her success is now a Wikipedia Education Program Case Study.


Wikipedia, launched in January 2001, is a free internet multilingual, collaboratively edited encyclopedia supported by the non-profit Wikimedia Foundation. According to Alexa, an internet traffic data reporting service, Wikipedia ranked sixth globally among all worldwide websites with a readership of 365 million people. As of April 2013, there are 286 language editions of Wikipedia.

Find out more about Wikipedia at: Wikipedia - Site Statistics, Wikipedians - Who Are They? and Wikipedia's article About Wikipedia with information on its history, article organization, rules and laws, community, content analysis, operations, hardware and software architecture overview, demographics, language editions, topic coverage and systemic bias, cultural and publishing impacts, and related projects and information resources.

Wikimedia Outreach Programs

Wikimedia Foundation is a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that operates Wikipedia and other free knowledge projects such as Galleries, Libraries, Archives, Museums (GLAM). The Wikimedia Foundation Global Blog has news and information from the foundation's Global Development Department.

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