The Design Research Working Group is a small group of people in the library interested in learning about and exploring methods related to design, particularly User Experience Design, Design Research, and Service Design. Our process entails an empathetic and human-centered approach to studying and understanding the library’s various user communities. Through our work together we aim to become more knowledgeable about design, with the broader aspiration of making the library better for our users. 


To create a culture of empathetic user-focused design thinking throughout the MSU Library, resulting in services and products that are more useful, usable, and desirable for our users.

About Us

  • As a core group of interested individuals, we are open to a fluid membership model based on other’s interests in the topic of design and how it affects work in the MSU Library.

  • Our work focuses less on making decisions, and more on the process of design research.

  • Our emergent process is flexible and organic. We prefer not confine ourselves to specific goals or objectives, ways and times of working, bylaws, policies, etc.

  • When working with interested individuals, we strive for a co-creative, participatory process. We can and will take the lead when necessary.


Because this is a new initiative, and the topic is new to many, our hopes for our first year (‘15-’16 AY) are to:

  1. Become more knowledgeable about design and design research

  2. Practice design research through hands-on research projects

  3. Learn from and improve on the techniques of design inquiry

  4. Share our knowledge with others

  5. Create a practice tool-kit that others interested in design research could use for their own research

  6. Become a useful resource for all library staff

  7. Assess year one in order to craft a plan for ‘16-’17 AY

Design Research Initiatives