Course Title

Digital Information Literacy: Library Research Skills

Course Description

This course is designed to provide students with sustainable and usable skills essential to success in both academic and professional settings. Students will learn best practices to locate and evaluate sources, and effectively communicate using digital literacy to become proficient 21st century learners. Students will be introduced to the large variety of digital library resources, as well as those freely available via social media, news outlets, and other digital sources. The course will provide a foundation for utilizing these information resources to ethically communicate and create new information across various digital platforms.

Learning Outcomes

  • Define a research topic with an appropriate scope of inquiry.
  • Design and refine a search using keywords within multiple library resources.
  • Use research tools and indicators of authority to critically evaluate information, assessing the reliability, validity, accuracy, timeliness, impact, and bias of information sources.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of ethical, legal, privacy and security issues related to the use of digitally mediated information.
  • Organize, synthesize, and communicate information in meaningful ways, appropriate to context and platform.