Course Description:

LSCI 121 is a two credit course that focuses on concepts and skills needed to conduct library research. Emphasizing the use of electronic information sources, LIBR 121 provides students with a basic understanding of the library research process and with the skills to find necessary information for papers, presentations, and other class assignments. This course has wide applicability across disciplines.

Course Goals: The specific goals of the course are:

  • To enable students to understand the research process and create efficient strategies and identify appropriate materials for information needs.
  • To enable students to use the many electronic resources effectively, including the online catalog, indexes and databases, and the Internet.
  • To instruct students about the various electronic services available through MSU Libraries (electronic reserves, interlibrary loan, e-journals, electronic reference).
  • To develop and improve students' abilities to critically evaluate information sources in general.

This course will enhance students' experiences in all other courses and will provide the research and critical thinking skills essential for success in any academic program.

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