LSCI 291: Cultivating Curiosity
Three-credit undergraduate course centering the “information gap” as the primary driver of curiosity, and challenging learners to develop an action plan to expand curiosity in themselves and in others.
LSCI 437: Social Media Practices
Three-credit undergraduate course exploring social media practices to build community and civic engagement.
LSCI 121: Digital Information Literacy
Three-credit undergraduate course covering library research concepts and skills.
LSCI 491: Contemporary Approaches to Community Building Using Social Media
Three-credit undergraduate course exploring social media community building and civic engagement.
LSCI 491: Information Ethics and Privacy in the Age of Big Data
Three-credit undergraduate course exploring ethics and privacy of information in our contemporary society.
LSCI 496: Applied Informatics
This course builds a bridge between the academic classroom and the professional workplace through service learning.