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    Narrated by Stephen Hunts, this film features the natural sounds of Yellowstone National Park including pica, toads and frogs, Vixen geyser erupting, Sandhill cranes, gray wolves, elk, Canadian geese, loons, coots (duck), red squirrels, American bison, bull elk, and grizzly bears combined with some beautiful photographs of the park. The film is presented by Montana State University Library’s Acoustic Atlas. The Acoustic Atlas is a digital audio archive of animal and environmental sounds from Montana, the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem, and the American West (acousticatlas.org). ~Note: For library content that is not accessible, we are committed to providing reasonable accommodations and timely access to users with disabilities. For assistance, please submit an accessibility request for library material (https://www.lib.montana.edu/accessibility/request-form.html).

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