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Tales from Yellowstone Park

Explore the journeys of Henry Keyes and Charles Hoff through Yellowstone Park at the turn of the 20th Century. The project includes archival diaries and photos of the expeditions. 

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Home Cooking by the Class of HSTA 409

Home Cooking is a cookbook and series of essays created as a class project by the students in Montana State University's upper division history course, The History of Food in America (HSTA 409)



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MSU Library Photos on Flickr

Part of MSU Library's online community educational outreach services.

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MSU Library Channel (streaming media)

Online source for media media produced by or affiliated with MSU Library.



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Understanding Information Exchange

Inspired by the writings of Ivan Doig as well as the people and places of Montana, this research project asks how everyday Montanans make decisions about processes of information exchange. 



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